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(This class is mainly focused on pathfinder+3.x, if using it with 3.5 instead of 3.p, reduce the Skillpts/Level by 2 and adjust the Class Skills and Spells for his SLA`s as well as the available Bonus Feats accordingly!). I already gotr some help getting it to this status (THanks again!), so I thought time for some PEACH. ^^

https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/lotr/images/9/91/437px-Sauron_hi_res-1-.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120506173055 https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/overlord/images/1/19/Fourth_Overlord_with_his_mistress.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/640?cb=20110517192954


The Tyrant - 1.0

Tyrants are omnipresent. They have been for as long as history goes back.
Strong Men and Women driven to rule over others, crushing everything in their path to rulership, establishing (or taking over) Realms and ruling them with an iron fist.

While others might desire Power to better the world to take vengeance, or simply for Power sake, Tyrants seek power to Rule over Others. To Defy Beings wanting to Command THEM. To be „the one on Top“.

Tyrants make excellent Villains, but in Evil Groups they also make excellent Leaders, combining a good amount of Power and Focus with the ability to shrug off a lot of the things coming their way and some small magical ability. Due to this they make both excellent Group leaders as well as good main melee fighters and Faces.


Hitdie: D10. Tyrants are tough (in case of the Conqueror, see Archetypes, even moreso).

BAB: High

Saves: High WIll and Fortitude, Low Reflex.
Tyrants are tough of Mind and body, but not unusuually agile.

Skillpts/Level: 6+Int Modifier. Tyrants are keen of Mind and powerful of Intelligence.

Class Skills: Appraise, Bluff, Concentration, Escape Artist, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Knowledge (History, Dungeoneering, Arcane, Nobility), Linguistics, Perception, Perform (oratory), Ride, Sense Motive.

Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Tyrants are Proficient with any and all Armors, even if they have not yet been invented when the Tyrant became a Tyrant, all Shields except Towershields, all Simple Weapons and 2 of the Following (these are considered his Signature Weapons, see descriptions for explanation): Bastard Sword, Greatsword, Heavy Mace, 2handed Warhammer, Scythe, Whip.

Alignment: In Settings with strict cosmic alignment Rules, Tyrants are always Lawful Evil.
In Settings with existing cosmic alignment rules, but less strict enforcements (say Eberron) Tyrants are Lawful Evil or within one Setp of it (ergo lawful neutral or Neutral Evil are allowed, if much more rare).
In Settings without any "Real" Cosmic Alignment Rules, Tyrants have to be nongood and nonchaotic.

Important Statistics: Tyrants need to be tough and stand their ground in Melee, resist Assassination attempts, and plan well. Therefore Strength, Constitution and Intelligence are their important Stats.
They substitute Fear for appeasement and hence dont need Charisma, they are usually not very wise and perceptive, and their predisposition for the heaviest Armor makes Dexterity less than useful.

Adventurig Hints: Tyrants work well in every party that fighs Chaos be it defending Civilization, fighting demons or "the Wyld". They prefer to travel with clearly law-focussed classes, even if they know that Bards and Rogues are usually very useful for their long term goals. They obvioulsy will be opposed by Paladins and Good Clerics, but are not in and on themselves against working with them - for their own goals that is.

Otherwise they make excellent leaders of Evil parties and amazing "Big Bads".

The Tyrant

Base Attack Bonus
Fort Save
Ref Save
Will Save





Armored Lord, No Equal





Choose Bonus Feat from the List, Gain Cause Fear and Bane as SLA





Tyrants Will, Tyrannical Weapons





Choose 2 of the following: Misdirection, Nondetection, Detect Anxiety and Detect Desires, Tyrants Pride





Avoid the Strong, Choose one Bonus Feat





Tyrants Prerogative
Gain Hypnotism and Fireball as SLA





Tyrants Aspiration, Choose one Bonus Feat.





Tyrannical Ego, SLA Metamagic





Choose one Tyrannical Feat (See List) OR one Bonus Feat of choice,Blaze of Glory





Tyrants Grasp. Gains Scare (replaces Cause Fear, works with all Beings of Less HD than Tyrant) and Suggestion as SLA`s.





Skin of Authority





Tyrants Glare





Destroy the Weak





Tyrannical Malice





Choose one Bonus Feat or Tyrannical Feat. Gain Fast Healing 5





Eldritch Tyrant





Indomitable Tyrant Tyrants Call





Choose one Bonus Feat/Tyrannical Feat, Tyrants Resistance





Tyranny is Eternal





Tyrants Realm, Choose one Bonus Feat or Tyrannical Feat

Special Rules

SLA`s: The Tyrant gains the use of a medium number of SLA´s during his growth. To use any of these, he has to spend at least one point of Dominion per Usage.

Dominion: A Tyrant has a base pool of 2+"natural Intelligence Bonus"+ 1/2 Level in Tyrant of these points. For each Tyrannical feat he chooses, he gains another 3.
These points regenerate as follows:
1.: Rest: Every 8 hours rest regenerate 1d6+Intelligence Mod+1/4th of Level in Tyrant.
2.: Conquering others: Every time the Tyrant slays an enemy, he regenerates one point. Every time an enemy surrenders to the tyrant, he regains 3 points.

Subordinates: All beings that are either knowingly living in the Tyrants Realm, serve(d) in his army, or have ever sworn any oath to him are considered his Subordinates.
Ex-Subordinates are people who fit one of the above, but have either bested the tyrant in combat, been released by him, or have become subordinates of a Tyrant of higher Level.

Class Features:

Armored Lord: Starting at level 1 Tyrants wear heavy armor almost all day. This causes heavy Armor to have the following bonuses when worn by them:
+1 Armor Class, -1 Armor Penalty. This increases to +2/-2 at Level 11 and to +3/-3 at Level 20

No Equal:A Tyrant has no Equals, only Underlings to lord over, and Nemeses to crush. Starting at Level 1, a Tyrant gains a Bonus of 1+1/4 his Level in Tyrant to all Intimidate Rolls agains Beings with the same or lower number of HD, and a Bonus of 1+1/4 Level in Tyrant to Weapon Base Damage against all Beings with an equal or greater number of HD.

Tyrannical Weapons: At level three, the Tyrant gains the Weapon Focus feat twice, applying it to his Signature Weapons. At level five, he gains the same, but for Weapon Specialization, ignoring its prerequisites. At level nine, he gains this benefit again, but for Greater Weapon Focus. At level 13, he gains this benefit again, but for Greater Weapon Specialization.

Tyrants Will: starting at Level 3 a Tyrant becomes even more centered on his own plans, and very difficult to influence magically. Add 2+Level in Tyrant/3 to all Saves vs. Compulsions (language Based only), and add the same amount of damage to all Attacks made against beings that gave the tyrant an order within the last 5 minutes (multiple Orders do not stack for this effect!).
At reaching Level 14 a Tyrant becomes immune to any and all Compulsion effects, and instead applies the aforementioned bonus against all Spells of the Enchantment School and all Mind affecting Effects.

Tyrants Pride: Tyrants desire Power over others more than anything else, and their Pride is both their strength and their Weakness. Starting at Level 4 they add Levels in Tyrant/2 to Concentration rolls and Intimidate rolls made against Subordinates or of lesser Power (ergo below their level), but subtract Level/3 from any Bluff and Disguise Rolls to avoid being recognized as who and what they are, (unless their form is altered via Magic, then they only subtract a total of 2 pts).

Avoid the Strong: Starting at Level 5 The Tyrant becomes able to survive battles he cannot win by fleeing with supernatural acumen. He may simultaneously invoke versions of Invisibility and Expeditious Retreat (both with a duration of 1 Minute) as a Move Action.
This ability can only be used if the Tyrants HP are below 33% or he is suffering from at least 3 negative Condistions (examples include, but are not limited to, Level Drain, Attribute Damage, Attribute Drain, Fear Effects and so on).

Tyrants Prerogative: Starting at Level 6 the Tyrant can imbue his Weapons and Armor with Malice and DIsdain. Once per Day/5 Lvels of Tyrant he may apply Bane X to his weapon (Duration 1 hour, Examples: Bane Humans, Elves, Outsiders, etc) or „Protection vs Good or Chaos“ to his Armor (same Duration).

Tyrants Aspiration: Starting at Level 7 a Tyrants Dedication to Ruling makes him near omnipresent regarding his subordinates.
All Subordinates (eg people knowingly living in his realm, everybody in his army, and all beings that ever swore an oath to him) have their Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise and Gather Information Rolls against the Tyrant reduced by 3.
This modification increases to -5 at Level 9, and when reaching Level 12 a Tyrant is automatically aware of and ignores all such attempts. At reaching Level 19 a Tyrant always knows what his underlings intended with their attempts (this is a supernatural Ability that can effectively be blocked by Mind Blank, but the Tyrant immediately notices if an underling becomes blanked" and has at least a vague impression of why, if the underling knew).

Tyrannical Ego: Starting at Level 8, the Tyrants Ego becomes his protection. While at full health, he gains DR 5+Level in Tyrant/2. This stacks with Damage Resistance obtained via other means.

SLA Metamagic: Starting at Level 8, the Tyrant may apply any Metamagic up to +2 to his SLA`s. This increases the cost to use that SLA by 1 Dominion point for +1 and by another 2 points for +2 (so an empowered Fireball would cost 4 points, a Silent Nondetection 2).

Blaze of Glory: At Level 9 the Tyrants Ego and Aura combine. He is always considered under the Effects of Emblazon Crest. In addition, if at least 10 of his underlings/Subordinates/etc are within 200ft and can clearly see him, he gains +2 to all saves.

Tyrants Grasp: At Level 10 the Tyrants ability to command becomes able to supress death.
Immediately after the death of an Enemy he killed himself (dealing the Killing bloaw, as in an execution, at the least), he can touch the Corpse to raise it as a
Wight (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/templates/wight/).
Aside from being unflinchingly loyal to the Tyrant, the former enemy keeps all his personality traits, knowlegde and abilities.
If this ability is used on an arcane Caster, the resulting Wight loses access to the two highest Spell levels he had before. Also from this point onward his spell progression is halved (as the spark of Individuality that birthed the power is gone).
If it is used on a Divine Caster, the result depends on the God of said Caster. Usually though Clerics lose access to their Spells and must change Gods, Favoured Souls suffer the same fate Arcane Casters do, and Paladins either keep their powers and try to redeem the tyrant, or commit suicide/fall.
The Tyrant can have one Wight under his Command for every full 7 levels he has in Tyrant.

Attention: in Games where Leadership and its Ilk are not allowed, replace this Ability with the Following:

Tyrants Body: The Tyrant has lived a life of harshness, to others and himself. This has caused his Body to become more than mortal.
He gains Fortification 50% and +2 to Strength, Constitution and Intelligence.

Skin of Authority: At Level 11 the Tyrant exudes such an aura of command that it becomes increasingly difficult to harm him. he gains DR 5/-, which increases to Tyrant Level against all Subordinates.

Tyrants Glare:A Tyrants Displeasure is a force of nature. Once per Day per 4 Levels of Tyrant they may use Mass Castigate (as the Spell) to any and all Subordinates within reach of the effect (this eclipses Mass Castigates normal maximum amount of targets).

Always wary: A Tyrant of this level has learned to ALWAYS be on his guard, and against just about everything. He gains the following benefits:
Improved Uncanny Dodge and only 25% Chance Miss Chance against invisible Enemies.

Destroy The Weak: Tyrant of 13th Level and above is exceptionally good at fighting his inferiors. If he could only miss an attack Roll or fail an Intimidate Attampt at a 1, he does not miss/Fail. If something could only hit or Intimidate him at a natural 20, it instead fails to do so.

Tyrannical Malice: At Level 14 the Tyrant gains an Ability equal to a Dragons Frightful presence (in his case the exceptions for the effects are: other Tyrants or beings of Lawful Evil Alignment above his level/HD). He can freely suppress it with a free action Concentration Check vs. 15+3 for every time he was insulted within the last hour.
The Save DC for this ability is 5+Level in Tyrant+ the bigger Ability Bonus of Strength or Intelligence.

Eldritch Tyrant: At Level 16 the Tyrants Innate Magical Abilites surge. The Tyrant may now freely (no cost in Tyranny points) apply up to +2 metamagic modifications on any of his SLA`s. If he does so however, he cannot cast any SLA`s in the following turn as his power needs to regenerate.

Indomitable Tyrant: At level 17 the Tyrants Mind becomes so strong it causes reality to bend to his advantage.
He adds his Intelligence Bonus to the players choice of the following (choose 1!): All Saves, Deflection AC, Initiative.

Tyrants Call: At Level 17 the Tyrants Aura of law and Evil are so strong, they can extend across the planar boarders and call a Devil from one of the Nine Hells. This was used to make a Deal with one of the Archdukes of Hell. Choose one Archduke. Once per Month the Tyrant can call in a single Devil of his choice (of a CR of maximum his Level-2) under that Archdukes command to serve him. This service will be executed in "good faith" and to the letter, as long as: it does not oppose Hell, does not take longer than 1 month and does not involve direct suicide.
Attention: This does irrevocably fix the Tyrants Alignment on Lawful Evil and makes it almost a surety that he will be sent to that Archdevils Hell after his demise. The only way out of this would be to retrain the Tyrant Levels and use an Atonement Spell. Or not to die, of course.

Tyrants Resistance: At Level 18 the Tyrant gains SR of 10+his Level. This specifically stacks with Tyrants Focus, bot no other sources of SR!

Tyranny is Eternal: At Level 19 the Tyrant becomes immortal and unchanging. He does not age physically, and unless the source trying to age him is more epic/mythical than he, is immune to any effects that would age him. Mental aging still happens normally. In addition he is also completely immune to Instant Death and Polymorph Effects (this includes "friendly" polimorph effects unless he casts them himself!).

Tyrants Realm: At reaching Level 20 the Tyrant has completely understood the Concept of Tyranny. The realm he rules becomes an extraplanar "Pocket World", with only himself and people he allows it being able to enter/leave it at will (of course casters with Plane shift may land in it, but only the abovementioned can enter/exit at their leisure....).
Within his realm he has full control over Weather, Night/Day cycles and Gravity.
He can speed up/slow down time up to 50%.
If it was smaller, it increases in size to 1 Cubic mile for every Level in Tyrant.
Everyone dying within the Realm while he is within, he can bring back to life at will (either with the effects of Raise Dead or Reincarnate, at no additional costs to himself).

Bonus Feats: The Tyrant may choose either from any weapon related Bonus Feat (Profficiencies, Weapon Focus line, Improved Critical Line and so on) or the following List: Antagonize, Blood of Heroes(or villains...), Blustering Bluff, Blood Disciple, Combat Advice, Criminal Reputation, Cutting Humiliation, Destroy Identity, Divine Defiance, Divine Protection, Endure Pain, Fearsome Finish, Possessed Hand and its feat trees, Hero's Fortune, Heroic Defiance, Heroic Recovery, Hide-Out, Kinslayer, Luck of Heroes, Sycophant, Nerve-Racking Negotiator, Threatening Negotiator

Tyrannical Feats:

Attention, aside from the "Add SLA" Feat, only Tyrants can take these feats!
For every Tyrannical Feat after the first a Tyrant chooses, the starting Attitude of any being they meet that is not Lawful Evil, legitimately under the Tyrants Rule (see Subordinates) , or at least 5hd above the tyrant, is lowered by one down to hostile.
Tyrants do not need to take any of these feats, instead at every Level mentioning a Tyrannical feat, they may instead choose to take a regular Bonus feat.

Tyrannical SLA: Available for Tyrants starting at Level 8, for other Characters that are not casters at Level 10.
Choose one Spell of Level 3 or lower. You can now use it as your normal Tyrant SLA`s (Cost, Speed, etc)
Other Classes: 3 times/day.

Greater Tyrannical SLA: Requires 1 or more Tyrannical SLA`s. You may now choose a Spell of up to level 5, but using it always costs 2 Tyrannical Points.
Non-Tyrants: Use it once per day.

Tyrannical Critical: Choose one of your Tyrant Weapons. Its Critical Range is always considered 1 higher. This stacks with other Feats or Enhancements that provide a Bonus to a weapons crit range.

Tyrants devastating Weapon*: Requires Tyrannical Critical on the same Weapon. Both the Crit Range and Multiplier of the above chosen weapon increase by 1.

Tyrants Skin: You gain DR 3/-. This stacks with all other Tyrants Abilities that provide DR.

Greater Tyrants Skin*: your Damage Resistance/- increases by another 5 points.

Tyrants Focus: You gain SR +5. This explicitely stacks with Tyrants Resistance, but not with any other sources!

Tyrants Power: Add +2 to any one Attribute. May only be taken once.

Greater Tyrants Power*: Add another +2 to the above attribute. You may reroll 3 rolls involving this attribute per Day.

Tyrants Protection: Add +3 to a single or +1 to all Saves (cannot be combined, but the same feat can stack once).

Greater Tyrants Protection: Requires level 12. Add +2 to all Saves. Once per day for every 5 Tyrant Levels you may reroll a save and take the better result.


The Conqeuror:

Many Tyrants are not satisfied with simply ruling their lawful suborndinates, they have to FIGHT and CONQUER to thrive.
These are the Conquerors.

Changes to Base Class:

Hitdie: D 12.

Remove all SLA`s but: Cause Fear, Fireball, Scare. Remove SLA Metamagic Feat, remove Eldritch Tyrant.

Instead gain Initiating following the Warblades Table for Maneuvers and Stances.

Available Disciplines: Diamond Mind, Iron heart, Black Seraph, Crimson Throne.

The Conqueror may use his Feats or Bonus Feats to buy Martial Study up to 5 times in total!

Recovery Method: As Warblades.

Other Changes:

Gain an additional Bonus Feat from the abovementioned List (only the regular ones!) each at Levels 8, 10 and 12.

Gain the Following Class Feature at Level 16:

Eternal Conqueror: Once per day per 10 Levels of Tyrant a Conqueror may channel his inner strength to gain the following advantages for a duration of Tyrant-Level Turns:
Instantly recover one maneuver of choice at the end of every turn.
+ 1/4 Tyrant Levels to: Strength, Constitution, DR.
Immunity to Necromancy and Enchantment Spells and Abilities.

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