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2018-03-07, 05:56 PM
The Liir from the Sword of the Stars universe are an extremely interesting alien, and I was trying to find a way to make them work as a race in 5e. I knew this would be a bit tricky considering their lack of arms and legs (they are floating space dolphins with telekinetic powers), but I found the UA class of Mystic and saw that it fit nearly perfectly with what I was trying to do. I have based most of the traits on how the Liir plays in the game Sword of the Stars: The Pit, with other information coming from the Sword of the Stars Wikia. In The Pit, they are exclusively a glass-cannon type character with potent psychic powers, low HP physical strength, and difficulty using any equipment not specially designed for their biology. Please let me know how this race is balanced (or if it is grossly overpowered/underpowered), and let me know how I can improve! Here's the data for the race (created and formatted in DnDBeyond, can't link due to not enough posts):

The Liir are a race of psionically gifted aquatic mammals. They resemble Terran dolphins when younger than 50 Terran years and various, increasingly large whales afterwards.

As a Liir, you have the following traits:

Ability Score Increase
Your Intelligence increases by 3, your Wisdom and Charisma increase by 1, and your Strength and Constitution decrease by 1.

Liir use their psychic energy to hover over the ground, but cannot fly like this. A liir traversing over ground or water hovers a few feet above, and moves with a speed of 25 feet regardless of the difficulty of the terrain. When resting, the liir must come down to the ground or water.

Dry Skin
Liir are aquatic creatures, and as such must be kept moist. A liir must come into contact with water at least once per hour, else they begin taking 1 damage every third turn. This damage cannot be lessened or negated.

Quick Healing
Liir are known for their self-healing capabilities, recovering from minor wounds very quickly. At the end of a short rest, a Liir regains one Hit Die. If the Liir enters a short rest with no Hit Dice, it can choose to gain one at the start of the short rest instead.

Liir do not reach maturity or age in the same way that other races do, but instead slowly grow in age and wisdom over many years.

Liir tend to be of any Good alignment, but those who have gone mad over hundreds of years of solitude have taken a completely Evil mindset.

Liir continuously grow throughout their lives, but most are found at around 7 feet long and 200 pounds. Your size is Medium.

Psionic Brain
Due to Liir physiology, a Liir must choose Mystic as its level 1 class.

A Liir can only communicate telepathically, but can do so in a radius of 60 feet, and Telepathy from the Mystic class increases this radius to 180 feet.

You are always considered to have Mystic Hand (See Mage Hand) active with no action, as you do not have arms. You cannot wield weapons with this ability, and a shield must be used within two feet of you.

You have additional Psi Points equal to your Mystic level, and regain an equal number during short rests.

You have resistance to Psychic damage, and gaining resistance from another source gives you immunity.

Strange Biology
Due to their body structure, Liir are not well-suited for life on land. You have a swimming speed equal to your walking speed +10, and can hold your breath for up to an hour.

Once per day, instead of sleeping, you enter a dormant state for 4 hours and are still aware of what is going on around you. You can use an action to wake up, but must finish resting or suffer the effects of exhaustion.

Liir cannot wear heavy armor, and must have any other armor they wear specially fitted. Shields must be controlled psionically.

Liir can speak Common and Aquan.

2018-03-08, 12:20 PM
This looks fine as is, but they might be a bit out of place. You might want something to help tie them into a DnD setting.

You could play off of the Liir-Zuul alliance from SotS2, and an in a Zuul race, it could be easily made by just re-fluffing a few elements from orcs or hobgoblins. They would be something more familiar to a DnD type world, and also tie the Liir in with more background as their allies, or give them a mortal enemy if you want to keep the Zuul as they are in the Sul'ka Horde, ravenous violent slavers.