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The Institute

Welcome to The Institute, the premier underworld organization, making Country/World Name's political and economic powers bend and flow to our will. As part of our newest batch of pupils you will be given the experience and skills you desire and help build a better world for those who were left behind by the ones meant to watch out for their wellbeing.

Unlike the false and lying kings, queens, emperors, and religious leaders of Country/World Name, I, the Pedagogue will faithfully look after and take care of each of my pupils and ensure that you have a chance not just to succeed in fulfilling your desires, but to thrive in the world on your own.

-Excerpt from the institutes welcoming guide

The Institute is a criminal organization that operates throughout the entirety of Country/World Name. The majority of its members are regarded as pupils, but several other ranks or specialties are denoted.

Pupil: Entry level member, as members they are given access to the institutes assets, logistics and information networks. After 5-10 years they are given a chance to reaffirm to the institute and become a tutor or strike out on their own.

Tutor: Members who have reached a specialization and decided to maintain membership to the institute, they are used by pupils to assist in jobs that their own skills are not developed enough to pull off.

Missionary: Clerics or highly religious members of the institute that have taken up the role of recruiters and demoralizer's, spreading words and dissent through Country/World Name.

Governess: Members specialized in the logistics and procurement of the underworld and are trusted to ensure resources from the institute are being utilized properly. Any requests for resources are sent to and approved by governesses.

Professor: Members who are not specialized into any singular aspect of underworld activities, but have elected to remain members of the institute.

Magistrate: The top 5 members of the institute, they are considered to be the ones who make the bulk of decisions regarding the institute. If the pedagogue decides on a goal, the magistrates plan it and ensure it comes to fruition.

Pedagogue: The overall leader of the institute.

A large amount of the underground is ruled by a group known as the institute and their fearsome leader, the pedagogue. They recruit many of the lower, weaker underhanded folk with the promise of security in their activities and training to become better at their preferred methods of money making and garnering of power.

The Institutes Axioms~
1. Create and Maintain Spheres of Perception Around the Movers and Shakers of the Civilized World
2. Control Slave Trade and Flow of Information between Countries
3. Control Illegal Diamond* and Magical Item/Component Trade
4. Investigate Continuously Internal and External Threats to The Institute
5. Influence of Unaffiliated Groups of Scoundrels and Oversee Training of New Members

The Pedagogue~ Non existent figure head of the institute.

The Magistrates~ The 5 true leaders of the institute in order of seniority.

1. Malfice Shadowcloak (Rogue Mastermind, Halfling) ( AKA Slymoon; Goldeye; Hollowheart; Nimblefoot; Honorleaf)

Standing 2'9 and a hearty 33lbs, Malfice's chestnut hair styles tightly into an unremarkable and dull bun which clash's more with the brimstone and daggers that would be seemingly impossible to shoot from her dark brown eyes than her pale, scarred and wrinkled skin. Unlike any other halfling that strides the world in their wanderlust, Malfice actively seems to drain the atmosphere of joy, leaving everyone on edge and nervous. Her attire suits the status she holds, bearing upon her conservative, loose fitting blouses of browns and grays with matching pants and shawls, all made in the highest of quality. She is known to her peers and underlings as the magistrate of eyes, she is left in charge of ensuring the first axiom is maintained.

2. Tula (Bard College of Whispers, Changeling {androgynous})

Tula appears as a monster of a human in stature, being that they stand 7 and a half feet tall and an apparent weight of 275lbs (actual weight 55lb). With a dull and dirty mop of black hair sitting atop their head, styled and controlled only with the pass of their hand through it. Their eyes seem inviting upon first glance, but behind the lively hazel coloring seeps forth an obvious boredom in dealings with most people. The clothing upon their body is of a material most are not familiar with, and seems very form fitting, outlining every muscle of the body perfectly while seeming to be flexible enough not to tear from wide and ranging movements. Wearing nothing else than this bodysuit but a heavy brown cloak, fastened tightly just below the collarbone by a wooden clasp of two people, their hands gripping onto each others wrists. Tula is the magistrate of lies, responsible for the second axiom.

3. Ivar Craghammer (Fighter Brute, Duergar)

A lean, stout looking Duergar, at 4'4 and 180 pounds he is as solid as the rocks he and his men work. His dark and sullen eyes gaze forth with vast amounts of fury and strength. Ivars bold attire, of reds and silvers in a refined yet practical tunic gave an overwhelming aura of clout and ego. Clan runic tattoos sprawl across the top of his bald head, his beard comes down thickly braided and stops just above his gut. This man is the magistrate of hammers, securing the 3rd axiom.

4. Sszzt Do'rret (Paladin Oathbreaker, Drow)

Sszzt is a rather normal looking elf, except for the fact that she is a drow, standing 5'5 and of average build (100 pounds), Sszzt is rather pleasant to be around. Always making small talk and being outwardly friendly to all she communes with and is even been known to go out of her way to try and help those below her own status. Besides her friendly behavior, there are those that seek out her company just to bask in her beauty. Her skin is dark and smooth as obsidian, her hair is of the purest snow and elegantly braided into hair beads made from obsidian and encrusted with diamonds. She wears the most beautiful dresses dyed with the best dyes of royal blue, purples and emerald greens. Many have stood mouth gaped under the violet gaze of her eyes. She is the magistrate truth and is the guardian of the fourth axiom.

5. Murmur (Air Genasi, Wizard Lore Master)

Murmur is difficult to explain, his personality seems different with each meeting. He is in what seems like the prime of his life physically, standing 6 foot and weighing 190 pounds. He is always seen wearing the same true blue robes and hood. His eyes are an electric blue and his skin a pale sky blue, everything about him seems blue, at times even his attitude. He is the magistrate of whispers, keeper of the 5th axiom.

* Note: In my original setting of this world, all diamonds are property and belong to churches to be used by them for their divine spells as needed.