View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Seven Deadly Sins (Manga/Anime) Setting Concept

2018-03-08, 04:14 AM
Trying to do a rough conversion of Nanatsu no Taizai/The Seven Deadly Sins into a campaign setting. Any suggestions or questions are welcome.


Region wise, it's arguably simple, since the map is only about as big as the UK (series being based in Arthurian/Welsh/Etc mythology). There's a good amount of places for characters to go to for adventures, etc.

Lore/plot wise, the story already has a big event that changed the world 3000 years in the past and it creates possible enemies and allies, depending on how players approach things., There'd be a fair amount of work designing NPCs, especially those of the main characters and antagonists. Designing a campaign could involve stuff that the series itself has, albeit in terms of "monsters", it's a bit limited, though one can fill in a number of these positions. Goblins, for instance, if you're starting a lower level campaign, and Wyverns, at higher levels for another example. A lot of the big enemies in this series, especially once things get into a war situation, are demons, who have a ranking system based seemingly on colors, the red being some of the weakest, though even they seem to be easily in the CR 10 level, if I had to guess. Not sure about weaker demons than them, from a quick look, maybe Orange, Blue or Green. And the Goddess Clan has rankings, though all we really know is that below the Archangels, there is Lance Corporal (which is decent level but not exactly high, iirc)

The hardest things are the races and classes, since many of the traditional D&D races don't appear to exist or have constraints that would have to be adjusted in one form or another. Fairy, for instance, is a whole race unto itself, though if I had to simplify it in some way, they're generally Pixie size or such, though some are much smaller or slightly bigger (Small size at most and on the lower end of that). There are Giants, though unlike in general D&D, from what I looked into, they tend to peak around Huge size, whereas some peak around Large, so I'm tempted to do that, if only to try and make Giants not seem as dangerous without necessarily taking away the abilities they have, particularly something that's like an at will SLA of Stone Shape and the like. There are humans, of course and very likely hybrids for Fairy and Giant, as well as the Demon and Goddess (alternatively you could call them angels, they aren't universally female). They've briefly mentioned Beastfolk, seemingly a broad enough term that could apply to a lot of therianthropic races, and there are Vampires and Trolls as well.

The most complicated thing with classes is whether some would even make sense, since the general religious outlook appears to be either something more general or more specific Druid stuff that makes them practically the only divine caster type we've seen in the setting at large. There are "Holy Knights", though honestly they seem to be called that because they have great powers, perceived as something holy, rather than being particularly devoted to a religious entity, moreso protecting the kingdom. So Cleric and Paladin may both be eliminated, but then there's the aspect of arcane casting, which can seemingly be done with items, incantation orbs, but there are those that have innate abilities, seemingly Demons, if we're talking complex casting, though there are humans that have the talent as well. Wizards would reasonably be a thing as well. And it's not hard to acknowledge Barbarians, Bards, Fighters, Rangers and Rogues, even Monk being believable in a way, possibly spinning off from the Druids in some way.