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2018-03-08, 04:12 PM
Just asking around If anyone has cool mimic ideas they'd like to share. Here's mine, to start It off.

Mimic, Purse.
CR 1, Threat Level: Moderate.
14hp (3d6+2)
Movement speed: 5'ft.
Special conditions: Staggered.

Appears as a fancy, gold-woven coinpurse. If anyone puts their hand inside of It, they need to succeed a DC 14 Reflex(Half) to avoid taking 2D4+4 Damage and a Fortitude (DC 12) to avoid losing whatever limb they put in It.

Identifaction: DC 15 Dungoneering or DC 20 Perception (Partial.) A DC 20 Perception merely tells you that the coinpurse appears to be moving very slightly, maybe a few millimeters here and there.

Offense: +4 | 1D6+2 | Bite attack.

Defense: AC 11. | Immune to Acid.

Skills: Stealth (+10)

Feats: Skill Focus (Stealth).

brian 333
2018-03-08, 08:47 PM
Wardrobe Mimic
The mimic takes the shape of a large cabinet, usually placing a trinket inside itself so that victims lean in to get it. An armoir version may contain the undigested armor of its last victim.

Doorway Mimic
This clever creature sets an ambush by shaping itself into a corridor with a 'door' 5 feet away from a real door. Thus, when an adventurer opens the real door what he sees is a 5' corridor with a second door at the end. Thus the character must enter the mimic to try to open the second door. This is essentially a large chest with a decorated interior rather than a decorated exterior.

Trappers are very large mimics which look like floors or ceilings.

Persian Trapper
This ornate floor covering has abstract geometric patterns which lure curious adventurers to its center.

Mapper Trapper
Possibly immature trappers, these creatures lay upon tables or on library shelves waiting for victims to come close enough. Then they wrap themselves tightly around the victim's head. They often map out the area nearby area and incorporate the pattern on their surface to entice victims to look closer.