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2007-08-29, 04:47 PM
I'm running a swashbuckling, piratey-campaign. My party is missing a competent cleric. Well, seeing as they will be aboard a ship, and the ship has other crewmembers than just them, I have no issues with throwing in the occasional NPC with a purpose.

I've designed to cover their divine casting needs, they are getting a favored soul. Now, some of my house rules, first: Planetouched races are templates. They have their usual +1 LA, but they apply to a base race. So you're either a human or elf aasimar, with the advantages of both aasimar and your base race, for instance (ability score modifiers or penalties do not stack.) We're on a fairly high 40 point buy. This is a human-Aasimar favored soul of Sune, Chaotic Neutral. I don't want her to be dominant in combat, period. I want her to be competent, but never spectacular. So I gave her base stats of 14/14/14/14/15/15 on the 40 point buy, then aasimar pumped it up to 14/14/14/14/17/17. She's a passable favored soul, level 4. With a more "focused" (minmaxed) point buy choice, she could be better, but that's not what I'm going for here.

Now...feats. I need 3 of them.

Augment Healing is an obvious one for what I have her doing. Any others you'd suggest? Her deity's favored weapon is the whip, if that helps (since she gets proficiency and weapon focus automatically in it.) Keep in mind her deity (Sune = Beauty, Love, Passion), and the fact that she'll be on the deck of a ship much of the time. Any particular divine spells she should make sure she takes?

2007-08-29, 11:33 PM
You could make her worse in combat with one or two flaws. Sune has the Heartwarder PRC so Dodge, Mobility and Spell Focus Enchantment would be good choices as they are prereqs.

With the Planar background Godsight from Lost Empires of Faerun would work and the Spell Fire Wielder feat from Magic of Faerun also provides some limited healing?

The improved Mercantile Background feat from PGtF is nice particularly for a pirate using the connections to move hot goods.

Faerun has the +0 LA Planetouched in the PGtF pretty good unless a planar campaign and would probably work well with your house rules.

Since PCs almost always need healing of some sort. Fast Healing 1 will take care of most healing needs along with a Wand of that or Cure Light.

Since arcane casters like wizards and sorcerers and bards can take an arcane disciple feat with knowledge religion - 4 a Favored Soul with a direct connection to their diety should be able to do the same without the 4 knowledge in religion since it isn't a class skill. Sune has the Chaos, Charm, Good and Protection Domains.

Prereqs for Sune's Heartwarder PRC from Faiths and Pantheons are Dodge, Mobility, Spell Focus Enchantment, Exotic weapon proficiency whip, the ability to cast level 3 spells, Bluff - 3, Diplomacy - 6 and Speak language Sylvan.

Complete Mage introduced those Fey blood line feats Fey Presence and Fey Legacy.

2007-08-30, 06:21 AM
For gameplot reasons, I'm avoiding the heartwarder PrC. There is another heartwarder NPC in the game (the Favored Soul's direct superior at a local interfaith temple of Sune & Sharess, actually), I'm assuming the class is somewhat rare. Some neat ideas, though.

I'm actually considering, just for simplicity, combat expertise and improved trip. Combined with the whip, she could keep people who board the ship prone fairly easily...

2007-08-30, 08:14 AM
That would work.

There are some dual organizations like the Blue Moon with Selune and Mystra.

Could be one with Sharess and Sune since the alignment is right with CN they used to be pretty close back in the Powers and Pantheons source book.

A tweaked Great Captain or Dread Pirate from Stormwrack that allowed spellcasting to improve could work.