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2007-08-29, 06:25 PM
Does your DM use the same World and time zone of previous campaigns

like you burned down a building in campaign #1
campaign #2 you see the building burning down
in campaign 3 there is a shrine to the building

also say your a paladin in the first and brought law and order to said city
2nd campaign gets converted by other character to change
3rd you start lawful

my DM does and I like it
one group gets a sweet play about my paladin and party

2007-08-29, 06:29 PM
It depends on the campaign. Sometimes we'll keep a continuity other times we'll have an alternate dimension with some differences from the original campaign. Or we might wipe the world clean for a new campaign.

Depends on the character, depends on the events. Usually we'll bring memorable characters back from the dead if they show promise as an NPC

2007-08-29, 06:46 PM
I do this as a DM, but sometimes with little differences.

Once we played in my world, Gaiad, and they fought the vampire god Kain (named forr the bible's kain, not blood omen or whatever), and they actualy died fighting him.

in a later campign, people would talk about the rumors that ome vamp killed four unidentified civilians in the high chapel etc.

Then, in yet another game, the PCs from the second campaign were used as BBEGs henchmen against the players. You can immagine how they took that!

Kurald Galain
2007-08-30, 05:42 AM

In one campaign, astral travel was predominant, and at a certain point the players suggested it might be fun to travel to the setting of an older campaign (same world, faraway country). So yes. Since that older campaign ended in a series of major screwups resulting in a TPK, there were numerous wrongs and other problems in that region.

2007-08-30, 08:12 AM
A list of our last few campaigns:

1. Homebrew by GM_1
2. Greyhawk(ToEE module) by GM_1
3. Greyhawk(same as 2, RttToEE) by GM_2; the GM failed to finish the module. Things in the previous campaign existed in the 3rd, such as a church of Mayaheine that one of the old characters had built etc.
4. Homebrew(still going on) by GM_3
5. (yet to be played) Greyhawk(Shackled City module, same as 2 and 3 even though 3 wasn't finished) by GM_1

2007-08-30, 02:27 PM
With my group, it's sometimes yes, sometimes no. There's one timestream I run in in which I do do that on a regular basis--there was an NPC I'd created who had been inspired by a story twist gone wrong with a prior PC (who did show up a couple times; the group liked her), then my assistant and I agreed that he'd go run something based around one of the other NPCs, and somewhere in the middle of this we dovetailed it with a game that he'd been running and ran a rather disjointed crossover session with those who could make it of both of our respective groups. It was amusing.

The two GMs I was playing under this summer also had similar ideas--one's campaign setting was in and of itself a "Well of Lost Concepts", so there was a lot of cameo--and another, somewhere in the middle, switched into a "backstory campaign" in which two sessions in I found myself playing my own role model.

2007-08-30, 06:05 PM
I have used the same Home Brew Campaign World for about fifteen years on and off, events from one campaign almost always interact with those in another.

2007-08-30, 06:18 PM
My group shares GM duties and each GM decides which game system/campaign to run next. Upside is we get to play a lot of different systems and everybody gets a chance to play or GM. Downside is we've rarely had a campaign go further than five or six outings over the past 10 years so your issue has never really come up.

2007-08-30, 06:27 PM
We were/are in a campaign where half our group was escorting a noblewoman to her father and the other half was trying to rescue her and return her to her lover. It was an interesting idea. Sadly, the other group got themselves killed by lions and we rescued the lady. I wish our group would do more of that. It was fun.

2007-08-30, 06:53 PM
Yep. I do that all the time.

2007-08-30, 07:48 PM
We had the idea to do a mass battle campaign once. Half the PCs wold be with one DM, and half with another DM, and at the fianla battle, the PCs (who wouldve become champions by now, lvl 16+) would have to fight it out. basically the DMs would be in cahoots, nd tell eachother stuff about the other groups. This way, group A could send scouts to spy, and group B would have to find/kill the scouts. We never got a chance to do this though.