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2018-03-18, 11:57 AM
Planning to use it in a high level campaign. Looking for feedback for how to price it.

The item set is composed of three items - a mask, a cloak and a belt.

The visage of the tomb priest - This mask, made in the shape of a skull, and inlaid with actual pieces of bone, covers the upper half of the wearer's face.

It grants immunity to stun and fear effects.

With two items worn, it provides immunity to mind affecting magic.

The mantle of the tomb priest - this heavy grey cloak has pieces of bones sewn into it around its mantle.

It provides the wearer with a permanent death ward effect.

With two items worn, it also provides immunity to poison and disease.

The girdle of the tomb priest - this wide, ornate belt is covered with beads made from finger bones.

It provides the wearer with the benefits of heavy fortification, as well as providing damage reduction 5/bludgeoning.

with two items worn, it also provides immunity to fatigue and exhaustion.

Full set bonus: With the full set worn, the wearer becomes immune to ability damage and ability drain. He also registers as undead to all detect and lifesense abilities - undead that perceive the living as food or those that instinctively hate them (such as wights) will no longer be hostile by default.

brian 333
2018-03-18, 12:50 PM
It looks good to me. Very cool, thematic items useful to people who don't want to kill the undead they meet.

Why price it? This doesn't seem like the kind of thing one picks up at Adventurez R Us. It seems the sort of thing one crafts for personal use. If you need a price I'd recommend beginning there. Otherwise, such regalia would only be useful to and affordable by adventurers.

As (un)holy relics such items might be useable only by certain sects which, knowing their origin, might be inclined to make the tomb robbers into tomb guardians and get the relics as bonus. They might buy them from powerful adventurers, but would more likely cast a curse on them instead.

If they are crafted by the priest who intends to use them, then they are useless to anyone who might legitimately use them because that priest will have a set already.

Outside of specific scenarios, such as getting through a door only undead can pass, high level adventurers would prefer their adventuring regalia for the most part, and these items use up item slots which are required for that Headband of Intellect, Cloak of Displacement, and Girdle of Giant Strength. Once the pressing need for these cool, thematic items is over, they will be quickly sold. In which case refer to the crafted version: anyone who wants a set can craft it himself.

2018-03-18, 01:37 PM
the cost isn't required for trying to buy it. But it might come up with crafting, or deciding where to put it level-wise.

Also, "face" and "head" are separate slots, so a headband can still be used.

2018-03-19, 12:22 AM
I agree that this works better as a set of minor artifacts (similar to the regalia of ultimate good etc.). However, if you want a price you should determine it at the full cost of equivalent magic items, with no discount for needing the full set (or at best only a 10% or so discount). Since you can assume an adventurer would have the ultimate goal of having all 3 items anyways they shouldn't get to wriggle their way out of paying full price.

We'll go by the RAW (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicItems/creatingMagicItems.htm):

The visage gives mind blank (we'll throw stunning immunity in for free), so:
8th-level spell x caster level 15th x 2,000 (continuous magic item) x 0.5 for spell with 24-hour duration = 120,000 gp

The mantle gives death ward, plus effects of periapt of health and periapt of proof against poison, all of which are similar abilities (anti-status condition effects), so the 2nd cheapest effect gets a 25% discount and the 3rd-cheapest gets a 50% discount.
4th-level spell (death ward) x caster level 7th x 2,000 gp x 2 for spell with 1 min/level duration = 112,000 gp
+ 27,000 gp (periapt of proof against poison) x 0.75 = 132,250 gp
+ 7,400 (periapt of health) x 0.5 = 135,950 total

The girdle is tricky. The closest DR item would be a mantle of faith (DR 5/evil), and we'll rule fatigue and exhaustion immunity to be the same cost as a periapt of health (since fatigue/exhaustion immunity isn't a super broken ability, IMHO).
76,000 gp (mantle of faith) + [0.75 (similar ability discount) x 7,400 gp (periapt of health)] = 83,400 gp.

So our totals are 120,000 gp (visage), 135,950 gp (mantle), and 83,400 gp (girdle).

Note that this is a pretty low-ball estimate (considering the stunning immunity, the fact that I didn't bother looking at body slot affinities, the fact that I ruled DR as a similar (i.e. protective) ability to fatigue/exhaustion immunity etc.). An item of constant shapechange (to get undead immunities, and with a discount for ONLY allowing undead forms) might be simpler. Plus I'm sure there's a non-core spell somewhere that gives you undead immunities as well.

Hope this helps!