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meet shield
2007-08-30, 10:40 AM
Hi everybody. I'm a new member and I have one question for all you!
I'm a spellcaster-warrior Chaotic Neutral in a no-budget ambientation of 15th-14th level.
At the biginning of the game, we're in a civil war and we have to form some alliances (I'm a diplomatic) and procure some distruction in the enemis' army.(I'm a combact mage). :smallbiggrin:
but now wherever you look you see the Magical Runes of create the World choose an holder (prevalently antagonist NPC) and give to Their a lot of power.
Now my party bigin:
1The holder of the Sun's Rune LG
2The future holder of the Sun's Sword CN
3The avatar of a big-snake-to-war divinity NB
4 An indifferent cleric True Neutral
So, I ask to my DM: can I sell my soul to same Dark Power, bigin Chaotic bad and bigin the powerfull Avatar of this power? And he say "OK".
Now, I have to do same ability check for discovery That obscure power (not a problem) but then?
So, my question is: If you are my DM, what do you give my for my soul?
Plese, answer to my question: this little touch of darkness was so funny for our ambientation and is simply perfectly for my background!

2007-08-30, 10:45 AM
For one thing, an evil alignment :P (or good if you instead of selling it, give it to a higher cause)

For another, there are a few templates that would probably be fair for you to pick up - if evil, Half-Fiend, if good Half-Celestial, if Fey Half-Fey (which makes sense for a CN character)... There are tons, though I can't think of many of the top of my head.

Template seems right to me, though you *could* treat it as a Flaw (Soulless: You don't have a soul and can't be resurrected) and get a bonus feat.

2007-08-30, 10:56 AM
I'm not sure I fully understood the OP but I would suggest looking at some of the PRC's in the Book of Vile Darkness. There is no real 'soul' mechanic the way I think you mean it (souls seem to just be a kind of animating spirit in D&D, hence the way Magic Jar works).

So what you mean by selling your soul is not that you become to all appearances an corpse but that you turn to the dark side in exchange for some stuff. BoVD has some prestige classes that you might be able to adapt to your setting. Also, you might want to suggest that you get some of the 'fallen paladin' bonuses that Blackguards get for trading in Paladin levels in DMG.

2007-08-30, 10:57 AM
Fiend Folio a Fiend of Corruption will grant a Wish for a Soul Bargain.

So anything along those lines would be reasonable.

Something like a paid down +2 or +3 LA template.

Maybe the use of a Minor Artifact weapon of a former champion of the obscure power.

Maybe a special psychic reformation as a variant cultmaster using the Ur Priest with a domain for the obscure power or a Demon Binder?

Combat Mage - 15 becomes Combat Mage - 5 Ultimate Demon Binder - 10 Gets Combat Mage 15 spellcasting plus FRCS Demonbinder abilites or Cultmaster Ur Priest - 10 with Combat spellcasting at 12 (5 + 7).

Lesser Gestalt in a non gestalt game the soul bargain will make your PC a CM-15/Adept-15 or Erudite powers and power points.

CM-15 becomes CM-5 Ur Priest Cultmaster - 10.

meet shield
2007-08-30, 10:59 AM
thanks for your answer. For starting, the resurrection don't exist in this world. (I know, it's absurd, but there the DM's words are lex...).
for the templates, that's too... normal... for this word. See: the rune compare like a weapon, and a very beutiful weapon... for example our last enemy have a sword of night, and it give to him reduction of damage 35, immunity from the energy and...what other? I don't know...

2007-08-30, 11:02 AM
No ressurections what about the +0 Soul Locked template from Herroes of Horror basically Undead Rejevenation mechanic if the PC is killed.