View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next A Couple 'Brews to be PEACHed

2018-03-18, 06:29 PM
As the title may have suggested to you, I'm here to show you a couple homebrew items I've made, three to be exact.

The first is a race on its own. It's called the Aberron, and the gist is that if you were a member of the [insert fantasy race name here] race and then you were affected by the Far Realm in some weird way and you became mutated horrid beasts, you are now an aberron! I tried to make it reasonably balanced, but the large part of the race comes from its Unnatural Mutations, so if you find any combinations that are too overpowered, let me know! I feel like the ability score change might be a little open, but I like the separate ideas, so if you have any advice for that, that's also appreciated.

The second homebrew is a subrace for elves I made: the snow elves. It's meant to be put in a setting that I made, so for the large part you can ignore the lore, which is just to give people (my players specifically) a general idea of what life is like for them. Since it's such a small homebrew, it didn't seem to difficult, but obviously because of this one small mistake means much more.

The third is basically a section of magical items that I've made over time. Many of them are based on Terraria accessories.

Aside from a few questions on the Aberron, the general purpose of the post is to see what the general opinions are on balance, creativity, if they're things you might consider using, etc.

I've got three homebrew things for you to look at: a race, a subrace, and some magic items. Look at what interests you and talk about your opinions.

Thank you in advance!

Here (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CL1K30TLYIIL6aJqBXENnwT7DLoYzhMq3BANM2nQ1ow/edit?usp=sharing)'s the link to the google doc