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2018-03-19, 11:02 PM
So a random person sent me a link to a folder with TONS of rpg games and i randomly came accross this one..it looks like alot of fun but it doesnt seem to have a bestiary ( or monster manual) and i was wobdering if anyone had played with this game or made some beasts for it! All of the monsters seem to have to be created from scratch and i sadly dont have the time or honestly much patience for that

I posted this in the other forum for older dnd and other systems and was directed to posy here!

Also i know not what version this is it just uses alot of dice such as 5d6 5d10 5d20 etc

2018-03-20, 12:50 AM
Might help might not.,its apprently called final fantasy rpg 3rd edition

2018-03-20, 09:17 AM
Are you talking about returners? I can't post links, since my account is new, but just google "final fantasy returners tabletop" and you should find what you are looking for. I think.

2018-03-20, 09:34 AM
i dont think its that one..but im not sure :D ...if its ok if i post a link il put the file where i got it from in a spoiler...if it lets me set that exactly even better!


if that doesnt work then...https://rpg.rem.uz/
just go to the file saying final fantasy ffrpg

and reading the introduction it just calls the game FFRPG as if its the only one..so thats doesnt seem to help there either lol

also..i dont know if that was supposed to hyperlink..so if it was and i did something wrong im sorry! i never post links

Bruno Carvalho
2018-03-20, 10:03 AM
Finaldoom, welcome to the wonderful world of the Final Fantasy RPGs :D

I'll try to be your guide. If you don't want my text version, you can find an interesting video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PLGBkWm88I

Returner's FFRPG 3rd edition is the book you got. It is na RPG from 2001 and one of the earlier and more fleshed versions of the game. It is followed by 2016's Returner's FFRPG 4th Edition, avaiable HERE (http://ffrpg4e.wikidot.com/), made by yours truly, which is the only one I know of to have na official bestiary (avaiable in the same link (http://ffrpg4e.wikidot.com/)).

There's also Zodiac, a simpler d100 version, can also be found here (http://zodiac-ffrpg.wikidot.com).

Or you can delve into SEED, another FFRPG made by the same crew who did Returner's 3rd Ed. This one is geared for online play and have a deep dependency on computer assist, so it may not be the best for your tabletop needs. However, if you got laptops at the table and are cool with that, check it out. (http://seedrpg.wikidot.com/seed1:home)

Moving out from d100 systems to other kinds of game engines, you got FFd20 (http://www.finalfantasyd20.com/ffd20/index.html), a pathfinder conversion, FFd6 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?173958-Final-Fantasy-d6-(Complete-System)), made by Dust, which uses 2d6 as its main engine, and Omega Fantasy (https://www.reddit.com/r/omegafantasy/), the newest of them (and still a work in progress).

Lastly, if you want to come and discuss anything FFRPG-related (any FFRPGs), come join us at https://www.reddit.com/r/ffrpg/

Hope this helps!

2018-03-20, 10:56 AM
yay someone knows what im talking about!! thanks for all the information Bruno :) ( btw i absolutely enjoy all the FF6 references in 4e that was one of my favorite FF of all time)

il definitely have to look into 4e and seeing about trying it out. 3e has my attention atm with how varied the options where ( not saying 4e isnt as varied) just seems more..indepth i guess? would it be possible to easily make the 4e monsters work for 3e without much work? or would i be better off just going ahead and trying to figure out the monster creation system ?

I'll have to make sure to actually make a reddit account at sometime to join that group though :) FF has always been a favorite of mine since the SNES days and i still find myself going to replay the classics all the time

Bruno Carvalho
2018-03-20, 11:52 AM
I'm glad I could help.

Unfortunately, rewriting monsters from 4e to 3e requires exactly the same amount of work as making them from ground zero - 3e got a very crunchy and strict monster creation system, which won't work with 4e's much more freeform monster creation.

I got, however, an excel program that creates 3e monsters and stores them in a bestiary - and already have some written in it. I can send you it. However, there's a catch - the program was made for my use only and is written in Portuguese. If you want to give it a try, here's the download link:



3e has my attention atm with how varied the options where ( not saying 4e isnt as varied) just seems more..indepth i guess?

3e is the fruit of a very throughly done research and is much more rigid. Each character is almost pre-planned from the start, with little wiggle room inside the classes. 4e got much more customization, and leaves much of the actual char gen in the hands of the player, not in the hands of the book. It is like the comparison between a train and a car - the train cannot stray away from its tracks, while the car got much more freedom. Both have Strong points and weaknesses, and I hope 3e can fit the needs of your gaming group.

Happy gaming!

Sparx MacGyver
2018-03-20, 10:07 PM
Bruno is on point!

I was going to come post those links, but he got pretty much all of them I was going to.

2018-03-20, 11:06 PM
Thanks alot!! Il look 4e over more, ive been doing alot of warhammer 40k rpg as well so thr d100 system is pretty familiar: ) sadly i dont know Portuguese or else id totally use the excel
And thanks for helping me also sparx! I woulda never thought to post here also