View Full Version : Nightspawn d20

2007-08-30, 01:34 PM
Has anyone played Nightspawn/Nightbane from Palladium? Came out in 95?

Well, I want to update it to the d20 system. I was thinking this:

1. Making a Nightspawn template/class available to humans, as well as a Wampyr class.
2. Using the d20 Modern Hero classes and quite a few of the advanced classes (all but Acolyte, Technomage and no future ones barring Juggernaut...)
3. Using Vitality Points and Wound Points from UA and SWd20.
4. Maybe incorperating the Mind Flayers as well, just for good measure. Making Puppeteers into the Namtar, using Replicants for Hollow Men, having copies of sheets with different alligences and classes for Dopplegangers, and using good old Beholders as Vampire Intelligences.

If anyone has any feedback, It'd be much appreciated.