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2018-03-21, 01:52 PM
Preface: As all my classes, this class is meant for full 3.p play. If using it with 3.5 sources only, subtract SKillpts/level and reduce the Hit Die to D10.

Vengeance agains the Gods and their faiths made Flesh:

The Defiant Avenger

Men defying the Gods they served for years because they feel abandoned by their church.
Women avenging their murdered spouse on the Faith that declared them Anathema and killed them.
Sons and Daughters seeking revenge for their fathers/Mothers demise orchastrated by Outsiders.
Or simply any people feeling betrayed by a higher Power or a Faith.

All these are Defiant Avengers.

DA put their Revenge against the Higher Power they defy before anything else, gaining power in the Process (but also loosing more than a little bit of the comforts of profiting from said powers, and often more than a little bit of their sanity).

Role: Defiant Avengers are martials with a mediocre number of (rather strong) SLA`s to choose from a wide variety of options. Their multitude of Resistances against any form of Divine Abilities makes them excellent at killing Clerics and other Servants of the Gods, but they never reach the versatility of full Casters“.

Attributes: Defiant Avengers need to be tough and strong, to fight well, and need at least one mental Attribute high (most of the time this is Charisma).

Relations to other Classes: Obviously they will not work with Divine Casters that serve a Religion/God unless it is one VERY strongly opposed to the one they swore Vengeance against. Even those they do not trust. The obvious Exceptions are Ur Priests, who examplify another form of defiance against the Divine.
DA however REALLY like … integrating Arcane Casters into thier schemes to overthrow whichever God their Ire seeks to destroy.

Races: All Races can be defiant Avengers, although Humans and Planetouched, as well as half Elves and Half orks, make up the majority.

Alignments: Overall Defiant Avengers are VERY rarely good (if they are, Chaotic Good is the only allowed Alignment), and overall tend towards Chaos more than Law, though lawful ones ARE possible. Usually though, their acts of vengeance and disregard for things not part of it, let them tend towards Evil.


Must have been „abandoned“ by a God/Faith or its adherents, or incarcerated/Condemned/similar..
Must swear an unbreakable Oath to destroy that faith and all its adherents AND ultimately its God.
Must have either been a member of that faith, or able to cast divine spells by that gods grace.

Will Save 5+, Knowledge Religion and Planes 5+, BAB 4+.

Alignment: Any but Lawful or Neutral Good, but never the one of the God they are defiant against, often they first shift to the opposite one.

Code of Conduct: A DA follows the following three Codes. If a Defiant Avenger ever breaks this code, they lose access to all their Class Abilities and can no longer advance in this class. Atonement is possible, but rare. A Defiant Avenger losing his focus in this way more often than not retrains into another Class.

1.: Revenge above all else. If the Defiant Avenger ever fails to exact revenge on the targets of his Oath in a situation where doing so is not paramount to suicide or helping said targets in the long run, they break this Code.

2.: Defy the Divine: A Defiant Avenger can not willingly accept atonement/similar divine Magic allowing him to reconcile with any divine faith or any gifts given by said sorces. If he does so, he breaks this Code.

3.:Spread your Way: A DA must, if possible without massive problems, aim to convert others to also (in whatever way) defy the Divine. Failing to do so breaks this Code.


HitDie: D12

Skilpts: 4+Int Mod

Class Skills: All Class Skills so far + Knowledge Religion/Planes, or if that would be less than 10 in total, choose any needed to get 10 Class skills for this class.

Proficiencies: Gains proficiency in any 2 weapons, but no new armor or shield profs.

Spellcasting: Irrevocably loses all Divine Spellcasting and abilities possessed so far. Keeps any other Spellcasting. May convert any Levels of a Divine Spellcaster Class into Levels of this class, as long as the remaining levels he posseses still fulfill the requirements to enter this class.
Gains another Level of the Arcane spellcasting class (in regards to gaining new spells and CL only) of his choice he already has levels in at every Level but 1st, 6th and 10th.


Gains SLA`s from the Eternal Vengeance list (see below) every level (2 at Level 10).

Defiant Avenger

Base Attack Bonus
Fort Save
Ref Save
Will Save





Unquencheable Vengeance, Defiance of the Divine





Vengeance`s Hand





Defiance exemplified





Weapon Focus and Specialization for 2 Weapons





SLA Metamagic 1 or one metamagic Feat if Caster





Beholden to noone





Swift Vengeance





Disrupting Defiance





Vengeance Strike, SLA Metamagic 2





Defiant Vengeance

Special Abilities:

Unquencheable Vengeance: At first Level the Defiant Avenger gains +SR and Fast Healing equal to his Level in this class, both stack with any other sources of SR/F-Healing.

Defiance of the Divine: DUe to his Defiance, the DA cannot profit from Divine healing at all (includes scrolls, but Potions work normally), or gain any other advantages due divine casting at a result of 15 or higher on a D20 (+1 to that Roll for each level in this class).
This includes magical Items made via Divine Spells (Roll made when item is first acquired). The DA may not knowingly buy/create Weapons or Items that would require this roll, but simply finding and using them is not forbidden (although most DA swiftly sel them!).
Gains a chance of 5*his Level in this class % to simply ignore any effect of divine magic (damage or other) that would negatively affect him.
Add +50% to that for any effect from the target of his Vengeance (the God him/herself, Priests, Clerics, Favoured Souls, outsiders etc), meaning that at reaching Level 10 he is immune to divine magic from the target(s) of his vengeance.
Gains DR 20/- against all Divine Outsiders of the Faith/God he has sworn vengeance against, and immunity to mind affecting effects caused by them.
This is lowered to DR 5/- and +4 to saves vs all other outsiders within one alignment step.

Vengeances`s Hand: Adds his level in this class to base damage against targets of his vengeance (multiplied normally for crits)

Defiance Exemplified: Adds his Highest Mental Stat Bonus to all Saves.

SLA Metamagic 1: Adds persistant or Empowered (whichever fits better) to all his SLA`s.
SLA Metamagic 2: Add the Enlarged or disrupting Metamagic to all SLA`s used.

Beholden to Noone: Attempts to use Diplomacy, Intimidate or Sense motive against the DA are at + his Level in this class difficultiy. Immune against any such attempts made by memebers of the faith he swore vengeance against, even if he does not know they are!

Swift Vengeance: Adds +50ft movement rate, can charge targets of his vengeance THROUGH any hindrance not thicker than 5ft by subtracting 5ft from the distance. Does not provoke AoO while doing so.
Also charges against targets of his vengeance add +5 instead of +2 to attack and damage rolls, and subtract 4 instead of 2 from his AC.

Disruptive Defiance: At Level 8 the DA gains the folloewing Aura. Radius 40ft. Continous Dispel against divine Effects of CL no higher than his total level +1. Save DC for the Dispel is 10+Level in this class +highest Mental Stat Modifier.

Vengeance Strike: 10/Day. Automatically crits and counts all rolls of the attack (includes eventual SLA/Elemental/etc effects) as if they rolled maximum. Can only be used against legitimate targets of his Vengeance.

Defiant Vengeance: After years spent following his vengeance, the DA has incorporated defiance and vengeance into his being so deeply that he gains the following template:

Defiant Avenger: adds +4 to all attributes of one type, +2 to all others. Cannot be scried, dominated or instant-killed by ANY magical means. Is totally immune to all Divine Spells AND 75% immune to even a Gods own divine abilities.
Also every time a god tries to affect him with a divine ability and FAILS, he adds + the Gods divine Rank to all Attributes, Deflection AC and Regeneration (Stacks up to his total level/2 times).

Aside from looking more stark (more extreme coloring, more gaunt/sharp featured), Defiant Avengers remain members of their previous race, but gain the Abberation Subtype and are considered ... a menace by most faiths.


THis section only applies of no arcane Casting class progression is progressed (see above)!

Every Level the Defiant Avenger gains one SLA of a Level equal to or lower than the one a Sorcerer of the same TOTAL Level could choose as spell (but up to a maximum of Level 7). 2 of those, one Level 6 one Level 7, may be chosen at Level 10.

Available Spells:For his SLA`s a DA may choose any Spell of the Sorcerer List of the Schools of: Abjuration, Conjuration, Evocation or Necromancy.
Each of them can be used up to best natural Mental Attribute +1 times/Day. No material Components are needed. They always need either primitive somatic OR short verbal Components however (usually in form of a curse or defiant statement, a defiant gesture or "Flipping a Bird and similar are usual), which cannot be metamagicked away by any means.