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I'd like to preface this by saying that this was made with every intention of being a meme.
With that being said however, this is far above a mere meme at this point.
It is now a fully fledged feat chain like you would find in pathfinder.
My friend thinks that this involves too much commitment and thus believes it should be a wizard subclass instead.
I would like to hear your opinion on the subject.
So without any further ado here is the feat chain.

Mountain dew enthusiast
This feat introduces the substance known as "Mountain dew"
A mystical substance brewed in the MLG mountains by "Dewrito" Dwarves
It costs 10 gold pieces per 591 ml (can)
Every 5 cans of mountain dew ingested In minute) minute induces a state known as
"Mountain high"
It naturally boosts the drinkers natural dexterity thought process and by extension magical abilities but makes the user look like some kind of crazed maniac.
As such when a creature is in a Mountain high they gain the following
Disadvantage to all checks involving conversing with another being apart from intimidation.
Advantage on all dexterity checks and dexterity saving throws
Advantage on all intelligence checks and intelligence saving throws
If the user is also able to cast spells (apart from spells known from race choice) they gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls and attack roles (for spells)
This state lasts for 30 minutes and at the end the drinker makes a 15 constitution saving throw, failing this they take two points of exhaustion but if they succeed they only take one.
A creature only gains the effect if they chug 5 cans worth in minute for instance Dave could chug 4 cans cast a spell then chug the 5th for mountain high
Now to the feat itself
Mountain dew enthusiast
Requirements: a love for the dew*
You love mountain dew
Like really love mountain dew.
Through extreme consumption of mountain dew you have learned to drink mountain dew as much as possible meaning you can now drink mountain dew as a bonus action.
Additionally you have learned to communicate with mountain dew lovers on a spiritual level meaning all mountain dew sellers halve their price for you.**
Mountain dewaphile
Requirements: Ability to cast spells (not from race), mountain dew enthusiast, level 11
You are now connected to the dew on a spiritual level and it now flows through your blood
You gain the following affects
Every time you drink a mountain dew you gain temporary hit points = to one d4 + your casting stat modifier that last for your total level divided by two.
You also gain the ability to chug more mountain dew than ever before. Every 5 more mountain dews that you chug increase the damage and attack bonus by one and increases the time it lasts by 30 minutes. But it also increases the exhaustion points to a maximum of 6 on failing the constitution save additionally the score to succeed.
For example, Dave could chug the standard 5 cans and gain the normal benefits but since he is fighting an ogre he decides to chug 5 more meaning he increases the time by 30 minutes and gains the extra damage bonus. However at the end of it he has to make a 16 constitution save or suffer 3 points of exhaustion if he fails and two points of exhaustion if he succeeds.
Mountain Dewd
Requirements: last two dew feats and a love for mountain dew akin to a mother her kin. Level 16
Your affinity to mountain dew is legendary and it now resides within the core of your being strengthening your current abilities. This gives the following benefits.
Drinking a can of mountain dew is now a free action additionally those who love the dew lower there price further so the cost is reduced to 3 gold pieces.
Temporary hit points gained from dew stacks with other sources (including those from dew) but still last the same amount of time.
You gain advantage on the normal constitution save if you donít drink a number of dew cans = to your total level divided by 4 plus the usual 15
However these benefits do not come without a cost.
If a creature with mountain dewd goes 24 hours without ingesting a can of mountain dew they die.
They just die instantly and painfully.
Additionally if creature with this feat goes a day without going through a mountain high they must make a constitution saving throw if they fail they take 10D10 of necrotic damage.
If they succeed they take half of that.

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