View Full Version : Updating earth shark ~ Help needed

2018-03-25, 02:27 PM
There si race I made a while ago: Earch Shark (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MmhpPbrwRmjjMJh4tnNzp7aXnSrm5mHxtUtPQ6ZrwzQ/edit?usp=sharing)

I hoping to update it as I知 no longer satisfied with how it looks.. Sadly I知 far from expert of game balance when it comes to D&D. From what I was able to gather so far the sealing it too much and pass lv 13 they fall of greatly.

So far I was think of adding 7 my lvs to the racial class making it viable for compleast play through. Possibly including some Al but I知 not sure as you cannot dip in other classes to boost saves.

Abiles I would like to introduce are hast healing progressing to regeneration on later lvs and some mauver like abilities (generally boosts and full round attacks, one idea what comes to mind is Sprint). Possibly with ability to make chose affecting the way they are radied.

In general I hope to introduce more choices during the class progression.

Here is coppy of the first doc (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nwf_wL6WgE06SePkMT0wGllNuk_taO5gdiZE9E3iirg/edit?usp=sharing)were I will be adding changes