View Full Version : paladin feat

2007-08-31, 10:24 AM
is there a paladin feat that lets the paladin use the devine grace towards ac?

2007-08-31, 10:36 AM
Not that I'm aware of, but you can get your charisma bonus to the bonus of a shield with the feat Divine shield by burning turn attempts, pg. 107 of complete warrior.

2007-08-31, 10:41 AM
Not exactly, but there is Divine Shield, which lets you spend a Turn Undead attempt to add your Cha mod to your AC for a number of rounds. Only works if you're using a shield, though.

On a more permanent basis, Ascetic Mage (which requires levels in Monk and a spontaneous arcane-casting class like Sorc) lets you add your Charisma mod to AC instead of Wisdom, which is the normal Monk ability. I think it's also part of the Half-Nymph or Half-Fey template from...somewhere.