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2018-04-10, 01:50 AM
General Idea
The setting of Hominid takes place a few million (or even billion) years in the future after humanity has apparently gone extinct. All that is left are the various species and extremely advanced technology (called "Homotech") that they left behind. Technology is so advanced (thanks to humans, mind you) that travel across galaxies and galaxy groups are almost instantaneous and things like powered armor and mini-mecha can be found just about anywhere.

Hominid is inspired by a lot of sci-fi settings like 40k, Rifts: Three Galaxies, Numenera RPG, Starfinder, World of Darkness: Infinite Macabre, Event Horizon, Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Spaceballs, Night's Dawn, Dune, Wheel of Time, Cthulhu Mythos, Mass Effect, Phantasy Star, Dead Space, Metroid but, most of all, the TENGGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN anime. It's essentially a science-fantasy epic with a lot of horror thrown in for good measure. I intend to turn it into a series of novels as well as a playable RPG, the latter being something I intend to post on a blog or website.

The following sums up much of what I've written so far and I was hoping you could offer some input about it. All comments and suggestions are welcome whether they're positive or negative as long as you gave it a good read. Be warned though, it's really long.

Oh, and feel free to correct me on any spelling and grammar errors.

A Note on Hominids

No one knows what really happened to the humans, the godlike beings who created the hominid species that now dominate the universe. All that is left behind are the wonders they left behind and the diverse descendants they created. To this day in the Thirteenth Era, thirteen thousand years after the Age of Expansion, when hominids of various species took to the stars to colonize as many worlds as possible and often coming to blows with one another, the topic of what actually happened to the humans is a hotly debated one.
The leading theory is that they all left for another, better universe when they had done all they could for the cosmos. Another is that they never left and are simply hiding in a distant part of the universe, perhaps in some secluded galaxy somewhere, to live in relative peace away from their rowdy descendants. Last and most cynical of all is that they had become too decadent and, when their vast empire fell apart, committed a species-wide suicide and leaving the cosmos in the hands of their more competent children.
Whatever the case, there are no humans to be found across the known cosmos.
All that is left are their descendants the hominids, inheritors of their DNA, each species unique and awe-inspiring in its own right.

The following are some, but not all (as some hominid species remain to be discovered), of the hominid species that can be found in the Known Cosmos:


The alphas are an all-female species of large and robust hominids. They tend to be one of the largest hominid species along with betas and only male betas are actually bigger than them. They are believed to be the pinnacle of physical evolution by some and this is best examplified in their unique and powerful physiology.


Thanks to their rapid cellular growth, they are able to easily recover from otherwise grievous, and sometimes even fatal, wounds and it is a rarity for their bodies to scar. Their bones and muscles tend to be extremely resilient and small arms fire are usually not enough to penetrate their robust flesh. Their bodies tend to be extremely efficient, their metabolisms almost never allow them to get fat beyond simply being "curvy" and a vast majority of them tend to either have athletic or muscular physiques. They also possess powerful immune systems that render them impervious to most forms of poisons and diseases save perhaps the most potent of them or those enhanced by psychic energies or sorceries.

They also have the following organs to differentiate them from other hominids:
Sensors in their retinas that allow them to see in the thermal spectrum
Specialized tympanic membranes that allow them to hear pitches otherwise unaudible to most other hominids, provide them with a better sense of balance and allow them to use a form of echo-location when needed
Enlarged olfactory bulbs that allow them to easily identify and track a given target as well as warn them of the presence of dangerous chemicals
Forked tongues with which they can taste the air and aid in tracking their targets as well as understanding their condition and clue them into knowing whether or not they're lying
Sensors beneath their skin that essentially let them feel the movement in the air around them and reveal to them anything electrical or alive in the immediate area
Retractable venomous fangs found in the roofs of their mouths that can let them deliver a poisonous bite or spit acidic substances
Retractable spurs hidden in their wrists
A highly efficient liver
Powerful lungs that allow them to hold their breaths for more than a few hours
A secondary heart
A highly efficient digestive system that can even process bone and other hardened materials
Large mammary glands and breasts that produce highly nutritious milk
The ability to coccoon themselves and undergo a form of suspended animation in the direst of circumstances

Due to being all-female, alphas can reproduce in two ways. They can choose to be impregnated by a male of another species (they can choose when this actually happens as they can store the sperm somewhere in their bodies and choose which will fertilize them) or reproduce asexually through parthogenesis. Due to their social norms and culture, a vast majority of alphas prefer to reproduce through parthogenesis, essentially just cloning themselves over the years. Even when mating with other species, alphas can only produce other alphas albeit with a few minor differences.

Also of note is the fact that alphas lack any form of psychic abilities and have no potential for it whatsoever.


A vast majority of alphas tend to be tall with their average height being around six and a half feet tall. Their bodies tend to be robust and powerful with large breasts. Due to their efficient metabolism, their bodies only range from curvy, athletic and muscular.

Culture and Society

The culture and society of alphas depend largely on what subspecies they belong to (see below) but the least common denominator is that they consider themselves to be possessed of the most perfect bodies among all hominids. As such they take great pride in showing off their bodies and tend to prefer revealing clothing or those that accentuate the shape and features of their physiques. They are also known to enjoy contests of strength, agility and endurance with sports being the most common form of entertainment among alphas and dance being their more popular arts.

The vast majority of alphas fall under the Alpha Dominion, their overarching empire which spans across at least three galaxies. They are a militaristic society and every alpha considers it an honor to have at least one of her daughters inducted into a Valkyrie Host, the military caste of alphas. While military training is mandatory in alpha society, not all are worthy of becoming a War Angel or Valkyrie.

The alphas have a mighty Celestial Fortress near the heart of their galaxy which they worship as a goddess of sorts. A powerful supercomputer with a vast repository of information about both alphas as well as how to construct various weaponry and tools, they call this entity the Oracle and spread her word in the form of the Omninomicon, a book that is a compilation of all the information given by the Oracle. Unfortunately for the alphas, the Oracle seems to only be 10%-30% functional and its sole ability seems to be giving out stored information and nothing more. Nonetheless, alphas take information from the Oracle as universal truth and treat every suggestion as law, lending them a highly rigid culture.

Due to being all-female, romantic pairings often occur in female-female partnerships and is further encouraged by their religion. Pairing with a hominid of another species (especially of different gender) is cosidered outlandish or even outright taboo in some alpha worlds. It is also not unheard of for some alphas to raise their daughters on their own though it is considered very difficult due to the demands of their society.

Having no psychic powers of their own, alphas tend to be very suspicious or even outright hostile towards hominids that have psychic abilities. The Omicron Conflict has also made them somewhat superstitious and wary of anyone or anything having anything relating to psionics. They also tend to mistrust those who have psychic abilities that are almost magical such as that of the iotas and xis and they despise the omegas whose psychic powers border on being impossible.

Most alpha worlds are heavily industrialized and they tend to live in great cities with highly advanced technology. There are many exceptions to this rule however and some prefer to test their mettles against nature in the wildernesses and wastes that cover their worlds. All in all, alphas tend to be expansionist in nature and are keen on terraforming processes that will allow them to live on new worlds.

Subspecies of Alpha (The Matriarchs)

It was the thirteen Matriarchs who established the Dominion of the distant past. It was they who formed the first War Angel Hosts before they were divided into Valkyries, Succubi and Nymphs in the subsequent millennia after the Omicron Conflict. It should be noted that alphas worship or venerate their Matriarchs alongside their Oracle as if they were her archangels or saints.

● Venus: The leaders and founders of the Dominion and are by far considered the most dominant and powerful of them all.
● Athena: Following closely in terms of power to the Venus, they place greater emphasis on training their civilian populations than their War Angels and are more open-minded about working with other hominids.
● Skadi: Thought to be a barbaric faction of alphas, they tend to be larger than your typical alpha and tend to be boisterous and gregarious in personality and culture.
● Sekhmet: A philosophical subspecies of alphas that focus on the sciences and are less suspicious of psychic abilities than other alphas.
● Uzume: Warrior sages who prefer to be secluded from even fellow alphas, they are also one of the few alpha societies that have a more naturalist stance than industrial.
● Nuwa: Perhaps one of the most numerous species of alphas, they tend to dominate in terms of industrial capacity and have as many Valkyrie Hosts as the Venus.
● Toci: Another naturalistic faction, alphas of Toci prefer to live in jungles and do not prioritize industrial development as that of other alphas, prefering instead agrarian lifestyles.
● Aine: One of the more mysterious alpha subspecies, Aine alphas have developed cities but often hold important ceremonies in the woods or any other wilderness.
● Innana: Founded on a desert world, alphas of Innana tend to be more mercantile than other alphas and travel in large merchant fleets across the stars and are more willing to trade and interact with other hominids.
● Devana: Prefering colder regions over any other, the Devana are another industrial superpower among the alphas and tend to interact poorly with other cultures, even of their fellow alphas.
● Padmavati: Padmavati alphas are another populous alpha society that rivals that of the Nuwa although their pursuits tend to be more mercantile than industrial.
● Osun: The Osun are another culture that generally prefers an agrarian lifestyle although their cities tend to be well-developed and the vast majority of them prefer blue-collar work over any other form of work.
● Amihan: The Amihan alphas are the jack-of-all-trades among their kind but, thanks to their more generalized society, they don't work well as specialists.


Alpha military is comprised almost completely of War Angels. Almost all alphas are taught to use firearms and use basic hand-to-hand techniques but these are just mostly planetary defense militaries. The true warrior face of the alphas are the War Angels, alphas protected by their most holy of armaments, that of the Vorpal Suit and armed with the most advanced weaponry the Dominion can provide.


War Angels come from all walks of life among the alphas but one thing is certain about them. They are quite possibly the best soldiers the universe has to offer and none can question their prowess in battle. While War Angels are now divided into Valkyries, Succubi and Nymphs, they all use Vorpal Combat Suits that are usable only to alphas. Also of note is the fact that War Angels prefer a fleet-based existence, traveling through space, rather than having a static headquarters on a given world.

Vorpal Combat Suits

All War Angels wear Vorpal Combat Suits. The first Vorpal Combat Suits were worn by the Matriarchs and the War Angels who followed them during the Dawn of the Dominion. While ubiquitous throughout the Dominion, Combat Suits can only be worn and used by alphas and their exact nature is poorly understood.

Vorpals are thought to be a highly advanced colony of nano-machines that merge with a single alpha. Once keyed to an alpha, no one else may use the Combat Suit in question. Vorpal Combat Suits appear to be skin-tight suits that hug the wearers body and, while seemingly very thin, is enough to provide protection against anti-tank weapons. Vorpal Combat Suits can be fully enclosed and can protect the wearer from the vacuum of space or any other hostile environment. They are also strong enough to protect the wearer against heat and impact during re-entry into an atmosphere and are what allow "artillery dives" wherein War Angels are "launched" into combat onto the world below like ordnance. They also further enhance the already robust physiology of an alpha, giving her strength beyond that of an industrial crane and the speed of a sportscar at top speed. Other abilities of Vorpal Combat Suits include but are not limited to projecting a protective energy shield, providing invisibility or instant camouflage, further enhancement of alpha pshyiology, allowing them to eat otherwise unpalatable materials like concrete and metal.

Vorpal Combat Suits also possess an AI that only the wearers can hear. The voice is often male and sardonic. When not actively worn, some Combat Suits can take the form of a creature separate from the War Angel, that almost resembles a pet.

Vorpal Combat Suits can only be copied from existing original Vorpals found within the Oracle and "Primal" Vorpals, those made originally by humans are highly prized and worth almost an entire world.


Valkyries are War Angels who remain loyal to the Dominion. They tend to be rigid and militariestic in terms of culture and often live separately from civilian alphas. During times of need, Valkyries can serve as soldiers or elite police officers on Dominion worlds. Each Valkyrie Host tends to have a different culture and many come into conflict with other Valkyries because of past grudges.


Succubi are War Angels who are openly hostile to the Dominion and those who choose to ally with them. Succubus society tends to be wild and dangerous and their attitudes tend to be anarchistic to say the least. In order to survive, most of them turn to mercenary work while plotting attacks against Dominion installations.


Nymphs are War Angels who separate themselves from the Dominion and seek out a mercenary existence. Unlike succbi however, they choose not to declare open war with their former superiors and compatriots and simply gain the blessing and protection from other factions like the Kinship, Conglomerate and Testament. As such, they often find more work than succubi although they lack the support Valkyries often enjoy.

There are also different subdivision of Nymphs as they tend to have different preferred clientele and are as follows:

Maenads: Prefer working for the Beta Kinship
Hyads: Prefer working for the Zeta Conglomerate
Naiads: Prefer working for the Iota Testament
Anthousai: Can work for any sufficiently powerful faction but prefer those from the Delta Hegemony
Empusae: Prefer working for the Omicron Kingdom


The Alpha Dominion is ruled by an empress but its inner workings are more complex than some might assume. While the empress certainly has the final say in a given debate, she must still contend with the Church of Numen and Society of Justice and Warfare when making a decision and crafting a law. Politics of the alphas tend to be as complex as they are dangerous and their government can be divided into three separate factions.

Worlds of the Empress

Those who serve the empress and her will above all else. They tend to be the most numerous and most Valkyrie Hosts swear allegiance to the empress simply because all empresses of the Dominion have had battlefield experience as Valkyries when they were younger. While the most powerful, the Worlds of the Empress is sometimes bested by the Church of Numen and the Society of Justice and Warfare.

Church of Numen

The Church of Numen are composed of the clergy who spend most of their time interpreting the Omninomicon, praying and communicating with the Oracle and spreading the words of the Oracle to other worlds. They are the most traditional of the political factions of the Dominion and often come into conflict with the Worlds of the Empress and the Society of Justice and Warfare. They are also fiercely critical of any act involving working with other hominid species whom they look down upon.

Society of Justice and Warfare

The Society of Justice and Warfare are alphas who oppose the traditions of alpha society. While certainly good on paper since they also tend to favor diplomacy with other hominid species, their model for a functional society is largely misguided. They also have an intense unwarranted hatred for omegas and encourage a more tolerant stance with omicrons who are widely hated for their barbaric practices.



Betas are a species widely known for their proficiency with organic technology. Their cells tend to contain organelles called "greenblood" that allows them to absorb and incorporate genetic materials from other organisms and achieve a kind of symbiosis with them. This is mainly how they manage and control their technology which is mostly comprised of living organisms.

Betas possess a more rapidly recovering physiology than that of alphas, allowing them to regenerate lost limbs and eyes. They do not, however, have the same powerful immune system and are largely vulnerable to poisons and diseases. They do however grow to huge sizes and male betas are often taller and larger than alphas.


Most betas tend to be large people, having an average height of about seven feet, with powerful bodies. Unlike alphas however, they can and do get fat from time to time. They have additional traits and abilities that differ according to what kith they belong to as explained below.

Culture and Society

Much like alphas, betas tend to prioritize physical power over all else. As such, they also tend to be quite warlike. However, unlike alphas who tend to be well-organized and regimented, betas seem more like boisterous warriors than well-trained soldiers.

Their confrontational nature can be easily seen in the kind of clothing they wear. In beta society, most members wear the shells, furs or skins of animals they have killed. They can wear anything and wear it in any way with the only condition being that you killed the animal you are wearing with your bare hands.

Beta religion revolves around a figure they call the "Valiant Ancestor" and venerate their forebears. Also, thanks to their connection with other living beings, they value nature and build their settlements into existing wildernesses rather than over them like everyone else. They also tend to be superstitious and their reception to those with psychic powers are very polarizing. Some see psychics as shamans and are valued guides while others look at them with suspicion and see them as tricksters sent to mislead their fellows.

The Celestial Fortress of the betas is called Bonemountain and, while certainly more functional than the alpha's Oracle, is limited to information about organic technology.

Betas are a warlike people and, when not actively at war, are usually engrossed in a violent sport called "bloodcraze". Similar to sports played by humans like football and mixed martial arts, nearly all betas watch and talk about bloodcraze. Betas that are large, powerful and aggressive are often screened for the chance to become part of the "Galaxy Series" which is the biggest championship for bloodcraze.

Subspecies of Beta

● Grassland: Called "dog-kin" as they have canine traits such as wolf-ears and fox-tails.
● Cave: Called "hare-kin" as they have rabbit features.
● Wood: Called "cat-kin" due to their feline traits.
● Mountain: Called "cow-kin" with their cow horns and tufted tails.
● Swamp: Called "snake-kin" with their reptilian tails, fangs and horns.
● Sea: Called "fish-kin" with their fins, gills and biolouminescent lures.
● Sky: Called "bug-kin" with their wings, antennae and stings.


Beta military is comprised of Battlers, warriors protected by an organic suit of armor called a symbiont and are supported by Maulers, large walking vehicles armed with heavy weapons of organic nature.


The central government of betas is called the Beta Kinship, comprised of the leaders of various beta tribes and clans. They are ruled by a "Big Chief" elected from other beta chieftains from other kiths. As of late, the Kinship's society is becoming less and less stable thanks to infighting among the kiths.

The three major "Kiths" of the Kinship are:

The Commune

The mightiest of all the existing Kiths and perhaps their greatest chance for unity and continued stability. The Commune is comprised mostly of the beta's oldest Kiths and are well-versed in warfare but also adhere to ideas of compassion put forth by their ancestors. One of their greatest drawbacks is that they are often less concerned for the future and are focused on the present.

The Pack

A smaller Kith but known for their ferocity and savagery in combat. They are a relatively new Kith and often come into conflict with older ones. They are thought to be more forward thinking than other Kiths but are willing to do so at the expense of other non-beta hominids.

The Stampede

An Older Kith much larger but somewhat smaller than the Commune. They often have a "beta's only" policy, generally looking down on other species of hominid as they believe that betas are the pinnacle of physical perfection. They are largely suspicious or hostile to alphas and disdain most forms of psionics.



Zetas are the most technologically advanced species in the universe thanks to their unique physiologies with their only rivals likely being the gammas. They possess skeletons and bones comprised entirely of a living metal that allows them to interface with mechanical devices much more easily. They also have a powerful nervous system that gives them the ability to produce currents of electricity. A notable feature of theirs are the numerous ports running down their spines in their backs.

Thanks to their durable metallic skeletons, they tend to be tougher than most hominids save for alphas. Unfortunately, due to their partially mechanical bodies, they are vulnerable to things and forces that damage machines. They are also vulnerable to magnets and magnetic weapons are extremely effective against them.


The defining trait of zetas are the bits of metal that are found on their bodies such as the circular ports running down their spinal columns. An example would be their almost entirely metallic necks marked with their subspecies symbol below. Another would be the pads found on either side of the top of their heads.

Culture and Society

Thanks to their ability to calculate faster than most other hominids, zeta culture revolves around economics. This is not to say that all they think about is money but it is a fair bet that they are usually contemplating things related to their financial situation. The primary goal of every zeta seems to be living a financially stable, if not comfortable, existence.

Zeta clothing is often composed of metal or plastic. They are usually smooth and streamlined and have holes in the neck to allow wearers to "interface" with any equipment or machine. They also tend to be quite strong and can serve as decent safety gear during times of emergency.

Their economic society has a focus on business wisdom and worship, or at least follow the teachings of, a figure they call the "Wise Sage". With their religion being based around the concept of profit, it is of no surprise that their places of worship slightly resembles stock markets. Due take note however that they do not take kindly to the idea of swindling and it is considered a mark of pride in zeta society to rise to prominence through fair means and loyalty to business associates. As for psychic abilities, it is rare (but still happens) among zetas and any zeta that show a propensity for psychic powers are monitored closely. However, they are largely ignorant of the full implications of psionics and are quick to put it off since they have little to do with it anyway.

The Celestial Fortress of zetas is called "Entity #42" and communicates through advanced math.

Zetas spend most of their time working, planning a new business or seeking to secure a future for their descendants. They do this almost religiously and appear almost emotionless to other hominids who don't understand their culture. What other hominids also don't know is that zetas are fascinated by the concept of "fate" and "chance" and there are many of them who enjoy gambling to a degree.

Subspecies of Zeta

● M: The most dominant and are usually intrepid merchants.
● A: Are more militaristic with an emphasis on offensive capabilities.
● O: Another militaristic subspecies, this one more focused on defensive capabilities.
● S: Are usually explorers and scientists of some kind.
● Z: Rugged industrialists who prefer blue-collar work.
● X: An agrarian subspecies focusing on the raising of livestock.
● V: Another agrarian subspecies this one focusing on produce.


Zeta military is comprised of Slingers, warriors protected by a mechanical suit of armor called casing and are supported by Annihilators, tanks and artillery armed with advanced weaponry.


The central government of zetas is called the Zeta Conglomerate, composed of various companies, corporations and megacorporations. They are ruled by a "CMH" or "Central Management Head" from a board of Management Heads (or MHs) from other Syndicates. It is generally believed that the Conglomerate has been infiltrated and is being destroyed from the inside by as of yet unidentified organization.

The three major "Syndicates" of the Conglomerate are:


A relatively new Syndicate who seeks to broaden their business throughout the universe. While relatively small, their business is growing quickly thanks to their PR efforts. Unlike most Syndicates, they are more willing to provide free aid should they see a cause worthy and are generally helpful towards omegas.


Another new Syndicate which focuses more on the trade of information rather than material wealth. They also have the most advanced weapons of the zetas and jealously guard their nature and capabilities. Many other Syndicates are suspicious of their activities, especially of their research and development division.


One of the oldest Syndicates in existence and by far the most powerful, M23's sole goal is accumulating material wealth for its members. It shares very little of its resources unless pushed by necessity and even then anything it gives out is given begrudgingly.



Iotas are best known for their powerful psychic abilities. Their bodies are saturated with crystalline compounds that are thought to aid their already formidable psychic powers. This ties in with how nearly all their technology (if it can even be called "technology") is psychic in nature.

Iotas tend to possess more lithe and slender bodies and are less powerful than most species but their psionic abilities more than make up for this. They have a natural telepathy that works as long as they can make physical contact and most have at least some degree of telekinesis. They are also known to have long lifespans believed to be a lot longer than that of any other hominid.


The only identifying trait that iotas have are the crystals that grow on their foreheads and chests. These tend to be in a diamond shape with the one in their chests larger than the one on their foreheads. The color of their crystals depend on what subspecies they belong to.

Culture and Society

Iotas are a philosophical species that focus on the acquisition and preservation of knowledge as well as art. They jealously guard the knowledge they accumulate and are only willing to share it to those they deem worthy or those willing to pay the right price. They hold knowledge in high regard and since the oldest also tend to be the wisest, it is of no surprise that most of their leaders tend to be quite old.

Iotas often wear clothing that is light and loose although their more secluded folk prefer heavy cloaks instead. Their clothes tend to be made from silk, cloth or any other soft substance as anything stiff or hard is considered arrogant or belligerent. They also have a penchant for wild colors and the most colorful of clothes are often lauded by them.

All iotas tend to be very religious with their belief systems focusing on a figure called the "Kindly Mother" and they all worship the concepts of knowledge, creativity and wisdom. Iota laws tend to be very rigid and they follow closely the teachings of those that came before them. With almost all of them being psychic anyway, they tend to be accepting of other hominids who possess similar gifts. While suspicious of omegas, they are also very curious about them and their vast psychic potential.

The iota Celestial Fortress is called the "Sacred Basilica" and is one of their many holy grounds.

Iotas are thought to be enigmatic by other hominids as they spend a lot of their time praying and/or meditating. Older iotas even enjoy a limited form of astral projection as a hobby. On an annual basis, many young iotas travel to any of their holy grounds in order to fulfill a right of passage and attain a greater status in their society.

Subspecies of Iota

● Diamond: Possess white crystals with a focus on the light element and thought to be snobbish.
● Ruby: Possess red crystals with a focus on the fire element and are quite warlike.
● Sapphire: Possess blue crystals with a focus on the ice element and are good diplomats.
● Emerald: Possess green crystals with a focus on the wind element and are the most gentle.
● Topaz: Possess yellow crystals with a focus on the earth element and are the most humble.
● Amethyst: Possess purple crystals with a focus on the lightning element and are very clever.
● Onyx: Possess black crystals with a focus on the shadow element and are quite mysterious.


Iota military is made of Templars, warrior-monks in crystaline armor called vestments and are assisted by flying tanks called Tabernacles that use psionic or magical weapons.


The governing body of the iotas is called the Iota Testament. It is ruled by a Pontifex and functions much like a very large organized religion. The relationships between the various Denominations of the Testament has always been tense, at best, and the recent troubles have made things worse.

The three major "Denominations" of the Testaments are:

The Synod

The quiet leaders of iota society, they are the oldest members of the Testament and have accumulated more knowledge than any other Denomination. They have an open dialogue with other hominid species and often call them "siblings" as they believe that they too are beloved children of humanity. They are fascinated by and are sympathetic to omegas whom they see as an oppressed people.

The Unstained

A traditional and fanatical Denomination, the Unstained look down on other species as well as their fellow iotas who do not share their views. They believe that only iotas have the wisdom to be the greatest among the hominids and should be the rightful rulers of the universe. They are known for their vast psychic potential and have the largest number of Templars at their command.

The Chosen

A relatively new Denomination, the Chosen are strong believers in iota superiority but also disdain the traditions of their species. They strongly believe in taking their birthright, the rulership of the known cosmos, by force, the other hominids be damned. While ruthless and extremely dangerous, they are kept in check (albeit barely) by their many clerics who focus their fury and fanaticism to causes and activities they favor.



Deltas are the most average of all hominid species with their only marked difference is their ability to produce children by the litter. Their skin-color may distinguish them a bit but that is largely superficial and irrelevant to them anyway. They also have a strong psychic potential, with 3 out of 10 deltas possessing latent psychic abilities.


Deltas are easily identified by their strange skin color but, other than that, are surprisingly average in appearance. Their skin pigmentation ranges from purple, red, blue, green to grey. Deltas who maintain their bodies well are often admired, even by alphas who are thought to be more attractive and are often encouraged to display more.

Culture and Society

Deltas have no central culture as they are found throughout the universe. They adapt whatever customs or traditions are present in the galaxy they occupy, be they alpha, beta, zeta, iota or even omicron. There are however deltas who seek to found their own cultural identity though, these tend to be considered rare eccentrics.



Omicrons are best known for being six-limbed hominids. However, due to sexual dimorphism, this tends to occur and appear different in each gender. Males have four arms, ending in claw-like hands that are also adept at fine manipulation. Females, on the other hand, have four legs attached to an elongated quadrupedal body and are extremely fast and maneuverable runners.

Omicrons are also known for their powerful psychic abilities that, when gathered in large numbers, can rival that of iotas. They also have a third eye on their foreheads that are linked to their psychic abilities. The wider this eye becomes, the more power they seem to use.


Omicrons have six limbs and are often tall (males) or long (females). Their skin tends to have strange patterns depending on their subspecies as will be described below. While their features already seem odd, their culture which encourages them to mutilate themselves is what usually defines their appearance.

Culture and Society

Omicrons have always been at war with all the other hominids due to their bizarre and barbaric culture. Their religion, which involves the worship of six utterly alien gods that outright terrify other hominids. Their traditions revolve around rape, slavery, torture, mutilation, human sacrifice and cannibalism.


The omicron military is comprised of various types of soldiers. They also use a wide array of tactics in battle but their greatest known strategy is overwhelming enemies with their sheer numbers. As fear is an integral part of omicron society, many omicrons prefer possible death as cannon fodder rather than have an assured and painful death at the hands of their superiors.


Not much is known about omicron society save for the fact that only those who were ruthless, strong and wily (or sometimes all three) become leaders in omicron fiefdoms. Omicrons are ruled by a single God-King (sometimes God-Queen as well) who controls both their organized religion and their entire government. From observations, leadership positions are usually hereditary but an omicron of sufficient rank can become a prince or princess if he or she is able to kill the original leader.

Major "Fiefdoms" of the Omicrons include:

Despot's Maw

The Despot's Maw is the largest omicron fiefdom and comprised of fantatical warriors thirsty for blood. While the Omicron Kingdom had been shattered millennia ago, if it ever sprouts again, it will be from the Despot's Maw. Using a mix of drugs and ritualistic hypnosis, the berserkers of the Despot's Maw are ever eager for violence and carnage.

Crone's Talon

The Crone's Talon is a subtle, insidious and extremely dangerous aspect of the broken Omicron Kingdom. It has been known that centuries after the Kingdom had finally been destroyed, many omicrons have gone to live in the societies of other hominids. Omicrons of the Crone's Talon seek to infiltrate these refugees, gaining the trust of their host species before striking without warning in terrorist attacks.


The Exodus is perhaps the most benign of all omicron fiefdoms as its only real goal is to flee from their harsh culture, establish anew among another species and perhaps build a better society. While certainly noble, they are beset by the mistrust of other hominids and are largely disorganized, leaving them vulnerable to determined foes. It is also no mystery to them that their numbers have been infiltrated by terrorists, but they can only do so much to combat this.


The omegas are an all-male species of small and slender hominids. They aren't very strong but they make up for this through their rapid reproductive cycle and other genetic tricks. They are quite probably the most powerful psychics in the universe and are believed to be capable of making reality itself obey their whims.


Omegas are small and short, appearing almost like children of other hominids. They do however have a massive amount of psychic power that can trump that of any other hominid save perhaps the enigmatic sigmas. They aren't physically powerful, though they can be quite agile when needed, their only advantage is their unique reproductive cycle that allows them numerical advantages. Asides from that, they have a long, prehensile and cognizant tail that ends in five worm-like "fingers". Another of their strange features is their long tongue that work like that of a chameleon's or frogs and is also prehensile enough to serve as a sixth appendage along with their tails.

Their vast psychic abilities can be accessed through singing, even if it's just in their mind but can be easily countered with psi-deflectors such as limiters and nullifiers.

Omegas have the following psychic abilities by default:

When combined with other omegas, they can do the following if not impeded by psi-deflectors:
Accelerate tissue growth
Control the weather
Control plants and animals in an area
Summon and control a psionic entity

Omegas can reproduce in one of two ways. Their twin genitalia contain neural ganglia of their own and, under the right circumstances, can metamorphose into egg cases or external wombs. They can be shed in a water-filled container or open water source high in nutrients where it can eventually form into an egg sac or external womb that can hold up to four or more omega fetuses. As long as the container is kept clean and the shed genitals kept safe, the fetuses will be born and develop into mature omegas. The shed genitals regrow after a year. The other means of reproduction available to them is using their twin genitals to impregnate a female or at least hermaphrodite hominid as they can breed with any other species of hominid. Unfortunately, omegas have little to no sex drive (and no cultural concept thereof) and need to be thoroughly stimulated in order to be fully capable of mating with another hominid. However, this is counter-balanced by an odour-producing gland that work in conjunction with their sweat glands so that they produce a strong, subtle smell that makes them "attractive" to other hominids that is especially effective on alphas.


Omegas resemble children due to their short stature, often less than four feet tall. They have long, tentacle-like tails that can work like a third arm and also have a long tongue strong and dextrous enough to be a fourth. They tend to be slender in form and are very clever and nimble with large, inquisitive eyes that some, including alphas, find cute.

Culture and Society

Omegas are largely oppressed as alphas mistrust them for their vast psychic abilities. As such, much of their history, culture and religion have been erased to prevent them from becoming too powerful or influential. A vast majority of omegas live as slaves to alphas and the Dominion and, even when granted freedom, are relegated to second-class citizens at best. Only betas, zetas, iotas, deltas and xis offer them any respect and grant them at least immigrant citizenship.

Omega culture is generally suppressed by alphas and omegas aren't even allowed to have names of their own. Instead they have "designations" which is a mix of lower-case letters and numbers to designate their identities. What clothes they are often given are sacks of various kinds and some worlds often outright ban them from wearing clothes save for a collar which serves to identify them, their owner and to limit their psychic abilities. What history they have is passed down in stories by word of mouth but even these too are actively discouraged by alphas.

It is said that omegas had an agrarian society and, to this day, are known for being proficient farmers although they also find work as menial blue-collar laborers. They are paid very little for their otherwise back-breaking labor and are rarely given benefits or insurance. They are beaten and humiliated regularly to be shown their place in the Dominion and are degraded, dehumanized and despised by alphas.

The omegas have a poorly functioning Celestial Fortress called "The Opponent" which gave them the gift of technology but is too dysfunctional to work with proper logic. If anything, the Opponent is treated as an insane god that occasionally helps them but is not to be trusted. Their resulting technology is ramshackle but actually range from functional to outright efficient.

Omegas have a hidden sex drive that doesn't work automatically and romance is a concept they understand poorly. While they grasp the idea of family and form large communities, these are often Platonic in nature and treat one another as brothers. While they can be trained for combat, they are not a readily warlike people and are usually willing to make compromises rather than resort to immediate violence.

They have had a long, deep-seated hatred for alphas who have been oppressing them now for millennia. Being treated like animals for so long has made them embittered and some have become as cruel as their oppressors. Still, with all that's been done to them, is there anyone that can blame them?

Omega worlds tend to be agrarian, a place for growing produce and catching vast quantities of fish.

Subspecies of Omega (The Patriarchs)

Omegas are said to descend from 13 Patriarchs but the alphas have all but erased them from existence but what is remembered of them is as follows:

● Bacchus: Wine makers and cooks.
● Hypnos: Healers of great renown.
● Baldr: Explorers.
● Thoth: Keepers of knowledge.
● Ebisu: Farmers, fishermen and shepards.
● Nezha: Craftsmen and merchants.
● Tonatiuh: Expert huntsmen.
● Goibniu: Master smiths.
● Dagon: Sailors and fishermen.
● Dazhbog: Machine builders.
● Vamana: Artists and singers.
● Anansi: Storytellers.
● Kedes: Fill various roles.


Omega military is divided into two, both of which are regulated by alphas.


Blitz Wizards are omegas who pilot the mighty Zion Battle Gears that are thought to be the ultimate machines of war. They are not only bristling with weapons, they also enhance the already formidable psychic powers of an omega, making it a truly powerful weapon few can match. They are often kept and deployed alongside War Angels.

Zion Battle Gears

All Blitz Wizards go into combat aboard Zion Battle Gears. The first Zion Battle Gears were used by the Patriarchs during the Age of Fiends, though records of that age have been long forgotten. Battle Gears are rare and poorly understood, making their manufacture slow and difficult and valued.

Much like Vorpals, Zions are thought to also be a colony of nano-machines though they tend to be more robust than the former. They also cannot be used once a pilot has already been keyed to it. Zion Battle Gears are war machines made in a vaguely humanoid shape, can be armed with a vast plethora of weapons and can survive and protect its occupant from a nuclear blast. Zion Battle Gears are highly effective instruments of war that can even function as a small spacecraft. Their ability to enhance an omega's psychic powers is also noteworthy as some exaggerated claims speak of Zions being able to bring down devastating typhoons and earthquakes. Zions can also protect its occupant with a powerful energy shield and can even dive and move through water and subspace when necessary.

Zion Battle Gears are also equipped with powerful AI that have voices only their pilots can hear. This voice is said to be motherly and very soothing to hear. Some Zions are even thought to be able to move without a pilot so long as the latter is within a short distance and is in immediate danger.

Much like Vorpal Combat Suits, Zion Battle Gears were originally made by humans and finding a "Primal" Battle Gear is considered a huge prize worthy of great honor and a place as a noble.


Blitz Wizards who work with Valkyries.


Blitz Wizards who work with Succubi.


Blitz Wizards who work with Nymphs


War Slaves are omegas armed with primitive weapons, armored with frail protective gear, commanded by often cruel alpha Tactical Commanders and sent in droves to die in wars for the Dominion. They are paid little for their services asides from the promise of a better life should they survive seven years of service which relatively few manage. War Slaves are known to kill their own Tactical Officers when the opportunity arises, even if it means they will be immediately killed by a bomb implanted in their bodies.


Omegas have no government of their own but a widespread rebellion known as the "Sedition" is taking hold among them. Badly organized and divided over a lot of things, it is the only form of leadership they have. Only time will tell what the factions of the Sedition can achieve as the universe continues to be consumed in war.

Uprising of Slaves

Those who serve the first leader in uniting an entire world against oppressive alphas. They are the most numerous and most powerful of the Sedition's factions. However, being so far apart makes it difficult for them to coordinate.

Children United for the Matriarchs

Traitorous omegas who readily sell out their fellows to other species, particularly the Dominion. They are often slavers themselves and oppress other omegas for their own enjoyment. They are often tolerated and sometimes even supported by the alphas.

Persons Unbound from Servitude

Founded by a mad gladiator, these omegas are driven by rage to overthrow and destroy the Dominion. While their cause is understandable, their methods have caused more harm than good for the Sedition. They have also more often than not gotten their members killed more than anything.

Cap'n Gravelock
2018-04-10, 01:51 AM
Game Mechanics
Okay guys, I don't know if this is original. I actually doubt that it is. Whatever the case, could you tell me what you think.

Here's an example of play in Hominid:

PC Iota Agent attempts to shoot a Kappa Swarmling with a Heavy Pistol (damage 15)

PC must roll 1d12 3 times and add his/her Range Attack stat to each one which is 4
1st result: 10+4=14
2nd result: 8+4=12
3rd result: 5+4=9
GM then rolls 1d10 and adds to the Kappa Swarmlings Range Defense stat which is, say, 6
Result: 4+6=10
The PC's results are then compared to that of the GM's and, the outcome is as follows:
With the 1st and 2nd result higher than the opposition's, the attack is considered successful and the Kappa Swarmling takes a full 15 damage unless stated otherwise
So the outcomes are rated according to this:
◦ If 3 results are higher than the opposition's, it is considered an Epic Success and results in a Critical Hit x3 damage
◦ If 2 results are higher than the opposition's, it is considered a Scuccess and results in a Hit with full damage dealt
◦ If only 1 result is higher than the opposition's, it is considered a Failure and results in doing only 1/2 damage, in this case 5
◦ If no result is higher than the opposition's, it is considered an Epic Failure which results in dealing no damage whatsoever

During the Opposing Turn, the Kappa Swarmling attacks the Iota Agent with an attack damage of 6

The GM rolls 1d10 and adds the resulting value to the Kappa Swarmling's Melee Attack stat which is 8
Result 3+8=11
The PC will once again roll 1d12 3 times to determine if they can defend against the attack with their 5 Melee Defense
1st result: 3+5=8
2nd result: 10+5=15
3rd result: 4+5=9
The results are once again combined and the following occurs:
With only 1 result higher than the opposition's, it is deemed a failure and the PC takes 6 damage
Outcomes of Evasion are as follows:
3 results are higher/Epic Success=Take no damage
2 results are higher/Success=Take only 1/3 damage, in this case 2
1 result is higher/Failure=Take full damage
No results are higher/Epic Failure=Take x2 damage

Character Classes (Planned Only)

The soldier is the basic combat class with expertise in a wide variety of weapons. They're always handy to have in the Known Cosmos as you're never really sure when a fight might break out. Soldiers include a wide variety of combat-oriented individuals including military personal, police force, criminal enforcers and mercenary contractors.

The agent is your intelligence operative who specializes in stealth and espionage. In the viciousness of society in the Known Cosmos, agents easily find work either in the clandestine wars between governments or the conflicts between various megacorporations. Agents include people like assassins, spies, thieves, scouts and bounty hunters.

The dealer is usually your face and fixer, the guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy or someone who just has a way with people. He can either negotiate for you and your group or, he could, alternatively, be in charge of delegating tasks to all your members. Demagogues include ambassadors, con men or sly businesspersons.

The biochemist is an essential member of any team as they serve either as heroic rescuers and medics or dangerous poisoners and terrorists. Scientists who specialize in biology and chemistry, a biochemist can do a variety of jobs from healing allies to weakening enemies. Biochemists include scientists, doctors, nurses and veterinarians.

The techie is an expert in machines and various forms of technology. They're always handy to have around in the Known Cosmos as you'll always need someone to fix and maintain your vehicles or hack into a computer to get what you need out of it. Techies include engineers, technician, mechanic, programmer or hacker.

Damage Types

Physical Damage Types
Mental Damage Types
Elemental Damage Types

Status Effects

Physical Status Effects
Poison: receive 3 Toxic damage per round (lasts 3 rounds)
Disease: cannot heal or regenerate (lasts 3 rounds)
Cripple: cannot move (lasts 3 rounds)
Paralyze: cannot attack (lasts 3 rounds)
Daze: cannot defend (lasts 3 rounds)
Infection: all status effects lasts for 2 more rounds (lasts 5 rounds)
Bleed: receive 3 Piercing damage per round (lasts 3 rounds)
Injure: receive 5 Impact damage for every action taken (lasts 3 rounds)
Blind: cannot use range attacks/weapons (lasts 3 rounds)
Break: cannot use melee attack/weapons (lasts 3 rounds)
Mental Status Effects
Haunt: receive 3 Psychic damager per round (lasts 3 rounds)
Amnesia: cannot use powers/abilities (lasts 3 rounds)
Sleep: cannot take any action unless attacked (lasts 5 rounds)
Fray: cannot use items or devices (lasts 3 rounds)
Mark: -2 to all attacks (lasts 3 rounds)
Dazzle: -2 to all defenses (lasts 3 rounds)
Provoke: lose control and attack a designated target (lasts 3 rounds)
Flee: lose control and run away from a designated target (lasts 3 rounds)
Confuse: attack random target (lasts 3 rounds)
Bewitch: attack allies or aid enemies (lasts 3 rounds)
Elemental Status Effects
Burn: receive 3 Incendiary damage per round (lasts 3 rounds)
Corrode: receive 3 Chemical damage per round (lasts 3 rounds)
Freeze: cannot take any Action (lasts 3 rounds)

2018-04-10, 12:38 PM
I haven't read everything, but the concept sounds cool. Your species do have a "human but..." feel to them, but it makes sense with the setting and you still make them distinct enough that it's not like Star Trek cliches. Good job!

That said, one critique I have is that it seems you have a spanning multiple planets and maybe solar systems society, with a handful of races. That's cool, but the races having fairly homogeneous (within each race) religion, dress, culture, etc. doesn't seem realistic. I would reckon there'd be some groups run inter-racially, especially with Alpha mating abilities, and just different factions would naturally occur.

How much many of the terms draw on human myth (nymph, Bacchus, etc.) is also a bit immersion-wrecking for species made from humans so far that humans are no longer remembered. BUT I think that can be hand-waved for the sake of 1) players having meaningful names for groups and 2) players not having to memorize a lot of meaningless terms. So that's not really a negative overall, but something to be aware of.
My apologies if you stated somewhere such wasn't the case. I was skimming due to busy at work.

Also, I recommend against the term "homotech". A name like that will get a lot of jokes since it starts with the same two syllables as homosexual. Maybe drawing from terms like xenotechnology --> xenotech, you could have hutech for human-based technology. Homtech could be the contrast, as in tech made by hominids.

Cap'n Gravelock
2018-04-10, 06:30 PM
I haven't read everything, but the concept sounds cool. Your species do have a "human but..." feel to them, but it makes sense with the setting and you still make them distinct enough that it's not like Star Trek cliches. Good job!

That said, one critique I have is that it seems you have a spanning multiple planets and maybe solar systems society, with a handful of races. That's cool, but the races having fairly homogeneous (within each race) religion, dress, culture, etc. doesn't seem realistic. I would reckon there'd be some groups run inter-racially, especially with Alpha mating abilities, and just different factions would naturally occur.

How much many of the terms draw on human myth (nymph, Bacchus, etc.) is also a bit immersion-wrecking for species made from humans so far that humans are no longer remembered. BUT I think that can be hand-waved for the sake of 1) players having meaningful names for groups and 2) players not having to memorize a lot of meaningless terms. So that's not really a negative overall, but something to be aware of.
My apologies if you stated somewhere such wasn't the case. I was skimming due to busy at work.

Also, I recommend against the term "homotech". A name like that will get a lot of jokes since it starts with the same two syllables as homosexual. Maybe drawing from terms like xenotechnology --> xenotech, you could have hutech for human-based technology. Homtech could be the contrast, as in tech made by hominids.

Thank you for reading and critiquing my work.

For your first paragraph, there are a few worlds like that but the alphas have become a little xenophobic after a few awful experiences with the omicrons.

As for the second, that is because of the supercomputers left behind by humans and that it was humans who created and named the matriarchs and patriarchs.

I agree with you on the third that Homtech or Hutech DOES sound better.