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2018-04-11, 03:45 PM
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me about this.

So, as my signature makes reference to, I'm a Fate/Stay Night fan, and I know a couple other Fate/Stay Night fans.

What I was wondering was, did anyone have any suggestions for a system that might work well at running a game set in the Nasuverse, whether that be an original system, or a homebrewed one.

I image FATE might (ironically) work pretty well, given the Nasuverse's "role of cool" type aesthetic, but I was wondering if anyone had seen or knew of any alternatives to that one?

2018-04-11, 05:25 PM
Hmm... I'm not familiar with FATE enough to comment on that, but I'd think something like Exalted or high-level Scion could work well for Nasuverse. Scion mostly because of similar themes with Legend being tied to Power, and Noble Phantasms being something like Relics.

Of course, question is if one player would be the Servant and Master both, or if the players played only Servants or Masters (and the GM controlled the other), or if one player would be another player's Master or Servant. Now that's the tricky part!

2018-04-11, 06:00 PM
The different component of the Nasuverse operate at wildly different power levels and have substantially different themes. The model you would want to use is not any of the narrative elements, but rather the already existing game: Fate/Grand Order. Servants are functionally superheroes, therefore you should utilize a superhero system that you are familiar with.

2018-04-12, 10:00 AM
My experience is mainly with Fate/Blah, not Tsukihime or the rest of the universe. For Fate Fate is a good choice (man, this is annoying, I'm switching to the old capitalisation for the rest of this post), as you have the Masters (who can be statted via FATE Core mechanics) and Servants (who could be done with FAE, which IMO more fits how Servants vary). In general Servants are just more powerful than humans, which is the main problem you'll find (in GURPS, for example, a Magus would be built on 100-200CP, while their servant would generally be 800CP+).

Scion where the Masters are Guides could work, but you'd need some way to deal with Servants who aren't the children of deities.

2018-04-13, 12:49 PM
For Tsukihime, my first thought would be to play World of Darkness, give everyone 500 extra XP, and give the Storyteller a large dose of some psychedelic drug. :smallbiggrin:

Semi-seriously, I know there's been at least one fan-attempt at making a Fate/Stay Night (http://projects.inklesspen.com/fatal-and-friends/dareon/fate-the-unauthorized-nasuverse-rpg/) game, but I can't see the point in making one much more rules-heavy than FATE, as the Nasuverse generally seems to work on the principle that that the cosmos has well-defined rules, that are CONSTANTLY being broken in crazy ways, and a lot of fights come down to 'use my BS superpower to break their BS superpower.' FATE sounds pretty good for that.