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2018-04-17, 11:42 AM
Hey Guys,

I'm DMing for the first time and my party of 4 has no Tanks or worriers. I want to help them out a bit by giving one of my players a sword I call the Blade of life (If you can come up with a better name for it, suggest away).

The quality of the weapon is as following: Before attacking an enemy the player must declare they will attempt a "life save" for a team mate who has fallen. if he/she the blade loses one charge. On a success the player rolls a 1D8 damage for the chosen enemy and half of that damage is given to the team mate the player has declared to save.

I'm debating tho if the blade should have 2 charges per day or if it should have 10 charges that can never be recharged.

What do you guys think?

2018-04-17, 12:38 PM
Given that the party has no warriors, who would even be using this blade? It seems counter-productive for a backline character to head into melee just to give his ally a tiny amount of HP.

If you want to give them access to a small amount of convenient healing to get them back from 0 HP, why not just give them a wand of cure wounds, or something of the like?

2018-04-18, 04:06 AM
I wanted to introduce an element of risk. So in order to save someone the player himself would have to put his/her self in danger. But the wand is also a good Idea. I'll ask my players which they would prefer. Or does asking break the narrative?

Sariel Vailo
2018-04-18, 09:57 AM
Or give a weapon effect equal,to the fighters action surge to nearby allies just copy paste the pdk actikn surge sharing.