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2007-09-03, 04:27 AM
Inspired by the spell of the same name (in the spell compendium), I give you the Blade of Dark Disaster

Blade of Dark Disaster
The Blade of Dark Disaster is not a true blade but a dimensional rift attached to a hilt. The rift absorbs all light that hits it, making it dark black and making it's exact shape difficult to determine. The blade has no apparent weight, yet interacts normally with matter. which it cuts through as if honed beyond the finest razors edge.
Nonlegacy Game Statistics: Weightless* Greatsword; cost 2,000 gp
Omen: When gripped the Blade of Dark Disaster makes the user feel slightly unwell.

Unknown, yet.

Legacy Rituals
Blade of Black: To awaken the lesser powers within the Blade of Dark Disaster you must seek out a caster capable of casting the spell Black Blade of Disaster, and have him cast it at the sword. This spell may be cast from a scroll if necessary. Cost none Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Blade of Dark Disaster), 5-10th level abilities.
Blade of Dark: To awaken the lesser abilities of the Blade of Dark Disaster you must survive disintegration attempt, either by making a successful fortitude save, or resisting the damage. Afterwards you must ingest the disintegrated remnants of a disintegrated creature and spend a day in meditation. Cost 15,000 gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Blade of Dark Disaster), 11-16th level abilities.
Blade of Void: To awaken the greater abilities of the Blade of Dark Disaster you must travel to plane of negative energy and seek out the location where the blades rift opens. Once there you must find a means to eliminate the blockage that prevents the blade from reaching its full power. Cost 50,000 gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Blade of Dark Disaster), 17-20th level abilities.

Wielder Requirements
Must have life energy drained by some source

Level Con Skill Abilities
5th ― -1 Dispel Force Effects
6th ― ― Improved Damage 1d12->2d6
7th ― -2 Typeless Damage
8th -1 ― Ignore Shield Bonus
9th ― -3 Counter Force Effects
10th ― ― Improved Damage 3d6
11th ― -4 Disintegrate Attack 1/Day
12th -2 ― Ignore Armor Bonus
13th ― -5 Disintegrate Attack 3/Day
14th ― ― Improved Damage 4d6
15th ― -6 Disintegrate Attack 5/Day
16th -3 ― Ignore Natural Armor (Touch Attack)
17th ― -7 Disintegrate Full Attack 7/Day
18th ― ― Improved Damage 5d6
19th ― -8 Disintegrate Full Attack 9/Day
20th -4 ― Disintegrate at Will

Dispel Force Effects (Su): At 5th level the Blade of Dark Disaster gains the ability to dispel force effects with it's strike. Any force effect struck by the Blade of Dark Disaster is immediately dispelled if the wielder makes a successful dispel check, with a bonus equal to the wielder character level. This is similar to Greater Dispel Magic, except is effective even against spells that are normally immune to dispel magic, as long as they have the [Force] descriptor.
Improved Damage (Su): At 6th level the damage dealt by the Blade of Disaster Blade improves to 2d6. This increases to 3d6 at 10th level, 4d6 at 14th level, and 5d6 at 8th level.
Typeless Damage (Su): At 7th level, the Blade of Dark Disaster begins to deal damage via disintegration. This counts as typeless magical damage, which allows the blade to ignore damage reduction and some immunities. Creatures resistant to disintegration damage are immune to it however.
Ignore Shield Bonus (Su): At 8th level the Blade of Dark Disaster ignores a targets Shield Bonus to its AC.
Counter Force Effects (Su): At 9th level the Blade of Dark Disaster gains the ability to counter force effects direct at the wielder. As an immediate action the wielder can counterspell any force effect targeting the weilder (such as magic missile).
Disintegrate Attack (Su): At 11th level the Blade of Dark Disaster gains the ability to make a disintegrate attack. Once a day, you may affect a target hit by your melee attack with disintegrate, as if casted by a wizard of your level. The number of times a day you can do this increases to 3 at 13th level and 5 at 15th level.
Ignore Armor Bonus (Su): At 12th level the Blade of Dark Disaster ignores a targets Armor Bonus to its AC.
Ignore Natural Armor (Su): At 16th level the Blade of Dark Disaster ignores a targets Natural Armor Bonus to its AC. At this point an attack with the blades function as a touch attack.
Disintegrate Full Attack (Su): At 11th level the Blade of Dark Disaster is able to make apply its disintegrate attack ability to every attack made that round. Additionally the number of times you can use the ability increases to 7/day. It increases to 9/day at 19th level, and at level 20 it is usable at will.

New Weapon Special Ability
Weightless: A weightless weapon blade has effectively no mass or weight. Its wielder does not add his strength bonus to damage, and cannot use feats such as power attack. It is treated like a light weapon regardless of its actual size (and so may be used in a grapple or with weapon finesse). Additionally it counts as a keen or piercing weapon. This enhancement may only be applied to piercing or slashing blades.
Moderate Transmutation; CL 10th; Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Dimension Door; Price +1 Bonus


A very powerful weapon, (at least +8 from it's enhancements alone), but its weilder has to give up 4 points of con (thats 40 hit points at level 20), 8 skill points and cannot apply his strength to damage. I'm fairly satisfied with its trade offs, buts could always use a second opinion. Would it be better to give up str instead of con? Or should the wielder lose both!?

I could also use some input as to this weapons potential history. And some help with the wording of the disintegrate attack ability. In fact, any critique or comment is welcome!