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2018-04-23, 08:38 PM
Behold my second creation, I made this thing to get battle armor and protomechs to the front line. Still no idea how to format this.

20 ton mixed tech quadvee: made using parts from the techmanual, tactical operations, and interstellar operations.

Cockpit -4 tons, -2 crit
Conversion equipment -2 tons, -1 crit all legs
Wheels -3 tons, -1 crit all legs
180 xl engine -3.5 tons, -6 crit center Torso -2 each side.
Xl gyro -1 ton, -6 crit
Endo composite internal structure -1.5 tons, -4 crit
70 points impact-resistant armor -5 tons, -10 crit (maxed everywhere but the torso.)
Triple strength polymer -6 crit
10 compact heat sinks.

For a fully clan version replace the wheels with tracks, use a standard gyro, substitute ferro-lamellor armor, and add 10 double heat sinks in place of the compact ones. If I did the math right both versions should take up both every critical space and ton available.

2018-04-25, 07:18 PM
Wait, if you used up all available tonnage how can it carry anything into battle? I know battlearmor handholds don't cost anything but wouldn't you need some infantry/cargo bays or similar?

Also, better calculate the C-Bill/BV cost of that, because that's gonna be hella-expensive for a dedicated, unarmed transport.

Edit: What about a supercharger or MASC instead of TSM?

2018-04-27, 07:41 AM
If I'm remembering correctly, the rules for carrying battle armor and protomechs didn't say anything about available space or tonnage. Just reductions to speed for going over a certain percentage of weight. I'll check cost later. I chose the TSM because it didn't take up any tonnage and I had exactly 6 critical spots left, so it was more of a convienience thing.

Also if you wanted to transport units without magnetic clamps then you'd have to modify this thing to be an omnimech. Not a problem for me, I made this for story reasons to transport two very specific units, but it means this is even more niche than it originally appears.