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2018-04-24, 03:05 AM
Sahuagin and Mariliths, eat your heart out! The humble fighter has you beat :D

Phantom Limb
You strike so quickly in battle that you almost seem to have another arm.

Humanoid, Dex 12.

When fighting with two or more weapons, you gain an additional attack with your off-hand weapon at the standard penalties (if any). This attack is treated as though it were made by an entirely new limb (allowing you to make additional iterative attacks with the Improved Multiweapon Fighting and Greater Multiweapon fighting feats), though you still make it with your off-hand weapon.

You may select this feat more than once, gaining an additional "arm" each time.

If you possess three or more physical arms (and can therefore wield two or more actual off-hand weapons), the extra attacks from this feat are made using the offhand weapons of your choice.

This feat allows you to qualify for Multiweapon fighting and similar feats as though you had extra physical arms. Replace any Two-Weapon Fighting feats you possess with the Multiweapon equivalents.

A fighter may select Phantom Limb as a fighter bonus feat.

2018-04-24, 04:17 PM
Dervishes everywhere will sing your praises, though I confess to being somewhat disappointed that it wasn't telekinetically wielding additional weapons. As a note, this completely breaks WBL since you get to make all those attacks, heck you could only have 1 weapon with this, take improved unarmed strike and get unimportant but goldless primary attack, then follow up with your offhanded Flaming Raging Poisoning Sword of Doom x*y times.

Side note: this feat would also spark quite a few mature jokes regarding the multitude of uses for a single hand.

Edit: Alright so, if you take TWF, it's improvements, Oversized TWF, and Monkey Grip, that's 5 of the human fighter's 19 feats, and they are somewhat spread out over the levels, so you can fairly linearly progress taking 14 iterations of the feat. With a Greatsword (large longsword) you start with the 3 core feats (TWF, Oversized, and Monkey Grip), then at 2, 3, 4, and 6 you get this feat, at 6 already picking up ITWF, meaning that at 6th when most people are picking up their second attack, you're picking up your 10th. And that's just the start. I love it. Only problem is what to do with the main hand, you could sacrifice one iteration of the feat to take IUS but I dun wanna, so... I dunno just forgo the attack, all the stuff about attacks says you CAN take those attacks, it doesn't say you have to to qualify for the offhand attacks, so just give it up. Heck, have a fighter that lost their dominant hand in battle, take TWF and just eat the penalty.

2018-04-25, 02:18 AM
Yeah, I did a feat where you grow an ACTUAL limb under my monster feats recently, this is a non-magic version. Could be fluffed to allow telekinesis too though!

WBL isn't a worry, I'll fall back on the ol' "but casters are still more powerful! ;_; " excuse I always use :D

I love your example; a fighter almost becomes a mini-hecatoncheires. However a limit might be in order - perhaps a maximum of four times (to match a marilith)?

2018-04-25, 11:24 AM
I confess to being somewhat disappointed that it wasn't telekinetically wielding additional weapons.

Same here.

Now I want an undead / incorporeal symbiote that gives you a less metaphoric phantom limb.