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2018-05-18, 05:56 PM
so I have a character for an up coming 5E campaign who is a Winged Tiefling Paladin(Oath of the ancients)/Warlock(Hexblade, with Pact of the Blade) who thinks she's a High elf Paladin/Druid who worships Rillifane Rallathil.

she was tricked by a demon into donning this armor which "sealed a deal" with it meaning once she goes to the place the armor originally was the demon will show it's self and convince her that she never served Rillifane; changing her paladin oath to oathbreaker and revealing her true form to become their minion

what i want is for this fact to be hidden from the other players while still tipping them off to the fact something is wrong, i was mostly worried about the spells (renaming and the like) I have Eldritch Blast, Green-Flame-Blade, Hex, Witch Bolt, Cloud of Daggers and Misty Step at the moment. does anyone have any ideas for renames/refluffs or anything else?

EDIT: the players are relatively new to the game so them figuring it all out should be pretty slim....we also use a lot of homebrew stuff so? i could say that is druid is a homebrew??

Fire Tarrasque
2018-05-18, 09:39 PM
Misty Step is good, that's a Druid spell. But... If you want to hide it from the other CHARACTERS, refluffs should work fine. If not... Well, they will see the spell behind the spell. They'll find out. They always do.
Try making COD a bunch of floating pointy sticks! Litterally just turn Eldritch Blast, Witch Bolt, and Hex green or white. Or make it viney. Then it looks Druidy. Make Green-flame blade less flamey.
Your good now. That should work.

2018-05-19, 12:49 AM
You'll want to focus more on the Pally side of things than the Druid side of things(As far as in-character conversation is concerned). Druids can shapeshift, but your Warlock won't be able to do that. That well-known fact could kill the rouse before it begins. Other than that, reskinning spells should be perfect. My recommendations at each level:
(Also, if you're feeling upto it, I'm going to put some in parentheses. These are "Twisted" druid spells, if you can swing it. They should not be available to the average druid, and they can't be reskinned very well.)

1st Level-
Armor of Agathys becomes "Mountain's Defense"
Arms of Hadar becomes "Withering Vines"
Hellish Rebuke becomes "Nature's Vengeance"
Witch Bolt becomes "Shocking Vines"

2nd Level-
Crown of Madness becomes "Invoke Primal Rage"
Mind Spike becomes "Unstoppable Hunt"
Suggestion becomes "Fey Word"

3rd Level-
Fear becomes "Predator's Presence"
Vampiric Touch becomes "Embody Leech"
Don't use Hunger of Hadar; There is NO WAY to make this seem natural.
(Summon Lesser Demons becomes "Pervert Lesser Natures")

4th Level-
Shadow of Moil becomes "Unseelie Ward"
(Sickening Radiance becomes "Diseased Sun")
(Summon Greater Demon becomes "Pervert Nature")

5th Level-
(Danse Macabre becomes "Mock the Cycle")
Enervation becomes "Withering Creepers"
(Infernal Calling becomes "Pervert Rule of the Wild")
Negative Energy Flood becomes "Pervert Life"
Synaptic Static becomes "Enforce Primal Thought"

That should last you a while :P