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2018-05-20, 12:33 AM
DM of mine is planning an evil campaign, and I thought the Nilgbog would be a fun class. However, I didn't want to just make a warlock goblin and put together this rough build. It's created trying to keep in mind the culture and backstory to goblins, and leaving open other sub-classes such as a Goblin Hunter or Booyahg Caster. A great deal of inspiration came from the Arcane Trickster and Warlock. I also used mostly preexisting mechanics to try and maintain balance on the abilities. I'd appreciate feedback as well as helping me round out some areas I was less clear on. Last concern I wanted feedback on was ensuring the class was neither under or over powered. Thanks in Advance.

A Higher Level of Cunning, the Goblin Specialist: "For a reason your little brain can't fathom, you have been selected for additional duties to serve the tribe. While you hope this leads to more food and trinkets, it is unclear if it's worth the extra work."

1st: Chosen from the Horde/Vermin Kinship-Gain a rat as a animal companion. If lost, spend 1 hour searching appropriate environments to gain a new rat.

2nd: Specialist Archetype: (Nilbog)- The Nameless Trickster Diety inhabits your body, transforming you into his jester and granting new abilities. (Author Note: Was likely going to use the Sorcerer Table for Cantrips, Spells known, slots, etc. with perhaps some edits based on how it balances against the class as a whole. One such balance would be removing some slots to account for the use of invocations. Spellcasting ability is Charisma. One Cantrip must be Minor Illusion. Half of all spells used must be illusion or enchantment.)
-Nilbogism: A Nilbog cannot regain hitpoints except through short rest, long rest, or "Reversal of Fortune."
-Reversal of Fortune: As a reaction, when another creature successfully deals damage to you, reduce the damage to "0" and regain 1d6 Hit points.
-Fool's Scepter: The Nilbog gains a symbol of his office and power: a small staff with a decorative head. The scepter deals 1d4 bludgeoning, and is the arcane focus for the Nilbog. If the the scepter is lost or destroyed, the Nilbog must spend one hour crafting a new one, then an additional hour and 10gp per Goblin Specialist level worth of animal parts groveling and sacrificing to the spirit.
When a player sub-classes they lose all other weapon proficiencies. Attempts to use any other weapon imposes disadvantage. The staff may be throw for 1d4 bludgeoning, and returns as a bonus action in the style of a boomerang or yo-yo. The staff increases in effectiveness according to the following chart:
5th: deals 1d6 and gains one invocation, and is now considered magical
8th: deals 1d6, is a +1 weapon, and gains one invocation
11th: deals 1d6, is now a +2 weapon, gains one invocation
14th: now deals 1d8, is a +2 weapon, gains one invocation
17th: deals 1d8, is a +3 weapon, gains one invocation.

-Invocations (Using Invocations from the Warlock class, focusing on illusion/enchantment which effect another creature). Invocations are added to an attack as a bonus action, after the outcome of the original attack is determined. Each Invocation may be used once. All Invocations are regained on a long rest, or the number of Invocations equal to your Charisma modifier on a short rest.
5th: "Mire the Mind" or "Sign of Ill Omen"
8th: "Bewitching Whispers", "Dreadful Word", or one previous unchosen
11th: "Sculptor of Flesh," "Life Drinker," or one previous unchosen
14th: "Chains of Carceri" or previous unchosen
17th: One previous unchosen

3rd: No Additional Content

4th: Ability Score Improvement

5th: Redirect Attack-As a reaction, when targeted by an attack, redirect that attack to an ally within 5 feet.

6th: Archetype Feature (Nilbog Luck)-Your possessing spirit twists fate for its amusement or to preserve his own host. When a creature you can see, smell, or hear (including yourself) makes an ability check, attack roll, or saving throw; roll 1d6. Apply the results of the roll as a penalty or a bonus after the roll is made but before the outcome is determined. If applied as a penalty, the next roll that creature makes has advantage. If applied as a bonus, the next roll that creature makes has disadvantage. You must finish a short or long rest to use this ability again. (Author's Note: should this gain additional dice or higher dice at a later point?)
-Reversal of Fortune now uses 2d6

7th: Goblin Nimbleness-Your small size and quick feet allow you to dodge certain types of damage with greater ease. When required to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, take no damage on a successful save and only half damage on a failed save.

8th: Ability Score Improvement

9th: Natural Camouflage-Your skin color, size, and perpetual unclean state give you an advantage when hiding. When hiding, gain +10 to stealth checks while not moving, and as long as you are moving at a slow pace, enemies must search for you with disadvantage.

10th: Archetype Feature (Nilbog's Charm)-You're so ugly it's kind of cute. As a reaction, for any creature attempting to damage you to make a Charisma save equal to your spell save DC. If it fails, it must use the remainder of its turn in adoration of you. The DM may determine if this is praise, treating you like a cute puppy, and protecting you as they would their own young. The effect ends at the beginning of your next turn.
-Reversal of Fortune now uses 2d8

11th: Improved Redirect Attack-As a reaction, when targeted by an attack, redirect that attack to any creature within 5 feet.

12th: Ability Score Improvement

13th: Goblin Evasiveness-When attempting to move away from a hostile creature, they have disadvantage on opportunity attacks. If a creature attempts a multi-attack, gain +3 to your AC for each attack after the first.

14th: Archetype Feature (Grand Illusion)- Minor Illusion can now be cast as a bonus action. In addition, when an illusion is cast it can be made real for the duration of the spell. The illusion cannot deal damage or otherwise harm another creature. Minor Illusion can also be cast as a spell using spells slots in order to increase duration/size/etc of the illusion, allowing you to create a bridge, cage, or other constructs.
-Reversal of Fortune now uses 3d8

15th: Blindsense- Darkness (magical or otherwise) within 10 feet does not keep you from sensing obstacles or other creatures. Invisible creatures within 10 feet are sensed by you as long as you can see or smell.

16th: Ability Score Improvement

17th:Archetype Feature (Aura of Madness)-You project an aura for 30 feet using one of the following effects (Author's Note: I'm open to addition aura ideas)

-Mania: Allies within the aura experience a burst of manic energy, boosting their initiative by 5 and movement speed by 10. When allies leave the aura, the loss of mania imposes disadvantage on their next attack roll.

-Despair: Enemies within the aura experience deep apathy, causing them to make any roll with disadvantage. Once an enemy exits this aura, the return of hope grants advantage on their next roll.

-Horror: All creatures within the aura view the Nilbog as a horrific monstrosity. Any creature within the aura must succeed on a Charisma save against your spell save DC. If failed, they must move all their movement speed directly away.

-Madness: All creatures within the aura must succeed on a Charisma (Constitution?) save against your spell save DC. Those who fail are subject to the "Short-Term Madness" table. Any creature who has failed this save and becomes subject to making it again must use the "Long-Term Madness" Table. (DMG pg. 259-260)
-Reversal of Fortune now uses 3d10

18th: Goblin Cunning-You cannot be surprised, and no attacks against you have advantage

19th: Ability Score Improvement

20th: Maglubiyet's Favor/Archetype Feature (Touch of Madness).
-Maglubiyet's Favor: You work sowing death and chaos have pleased the Goblin God. You gain advantage on all checks against orcs and Dwarves. Other Goblinoids, wolves, worgs, and vermin of any kind more prone to obey and help you. You gain advantage on intimidation or persuasion checks against these creatures.
-Nilbog Apotheosis, Touch of Madness: Touch one creature. They must succeed on a charisma save against your spell save DC. If they fail, they are subject to one effect from the "Indefinite Madness" table (DMG p. 260). The DM may determine an alternative madness effect, but it must be indefinite. You must finish a long rest before using this ability again. You may use this more than once per long rest, but an additional uses require you to roll a 1d4. Call the number before you roll; if you correctly call the number, you are now subject to one effect from the "Indefinite Madness" table.