View Full Version : Contest Adventure Making Competition For 5E!

2018-05-24, 02:06 PM
Welcome one, welcome all, to the competition for designing adventures!

The idea is to design an adventure of reasonable length (should span at least three levels, probably) following a theme, which will be judged at the end of the two month creation period. So, voting will begin on July 24th.

This contest's theme is Grab-Bag! Since it's the first (to my knowledge) contest of this type for 5E, you can do whatever the heck you want! (If people DO want a more focused theme, let me know and offer suggestions.)

A few requirements for the adventures. They should have:
-A suggested starting level and expected ending level
-A plot, which can be loose, but should at least have a general overview of what's going on
-At least five encounters, preferably more
-Enough extra information to handle the players going off the rails, such as character motivations, organizations present, etc. etc.
-Credit given to anywhere you take monsters, traps, spells, magic items, or anything else from! This is bolded because I consider it the MOST important requirement. If you want to use another person's homebrew, you should probably ask permission, but DEFINITELY give them the credit they deserve!

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

Oh, and as a note-my homebrew is freely available to use for this contest. Credit me, but use whatever the heck you like.