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2018-05-24, 02:34 PM
I like common magic items. Here's one. Thoughts?


Tarot of Telling
Wondrous item, common

This is a Tarot deck of obvious craftsmanship, satisfying weight, and lustrous finish. The illustrations are imbued with multi-layered symbolism that seems to convey deep meaning to believers of wide variety of pantheons and deities.

Once per day, while being used to tell a fortune, this deck can magically grant you advantage on all Deception checks directed at one creature of your choice for one minute. This creature must be able to hear and understand the language you are speaking to be affected. If the target creature wins the opposed check, then they realize that you used magic to influence its thinking and becomes hostile toward you. This ability refreshes at dawn.

The Tarot Deck functions as a spellcasting focus for a Divination Wizard or Arcane Trickster.