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2018-05-24, 11:09 PM
I couldn't think of a better title for the post, but please help me out anyway.

I have an idea for a feat. Continuing the trend of not being able to come up with good names, I shall call it:

Dualistic Devotion

Prereq (partial): Cleric with two domains at first level

Benefit: You get two domain slots per level instead of one. You do not prepare your domain spells. Instead, whenever you restore your spells, these slots automatically prepare one spell of the appropriate level for each domain. You may not use these slots to prepare other spells, however, you can sacrifice them for spontaneous heal/inflict spells as per normal.
Note: This feat only applies to the domains you selected at your first level of Cleric. If you gain access to other domains by some means, this feat does not apply to those domains. To prepare one of those spells, you must forgo both pre-populated domain spells of that level. Preparing a Domain spell with a Metamagic feat also requires you to forgo both spells of the level the metamagic spell is now at.

Example: A level 6 Cleric has selected the Strength and Sun domains at character creation. When he prepares his spells for the day, he chooses 5 Level 0 Cleric spells, 3 level 1 Cleric spells, 3 level 2 Cleric spells, and 2 level 3 Cleric spells. Enlarge person, Endure Elements, Bull's Strength, Heat Metal, Magic Vestment, and Searing Light are automatically prepared once.

So that's the benefit, what I need now are the prerequisites for the feat.

Idea 1:
Nothing! Take it as-is? Seems powerful.

Idea 2:
A divine caster level minimum. It could stave this off till it becomes powerful.

Idea 3:
A Wisdom minimum. This could theoretically stave the power off for higher levels, and at least require you to focus more on Wisdom - but I am sure a Cleric is already doing that.

Idea 4:
Domain Focus for both your domains. This would set you back three feats for a bonus of 9 very specific extra spells per day.

Upon further review, I am wondering if this feat is even worthwhile in the face of the Domain Spontaneity feat. Taking the feat twice would mean you never have to prepare you domain slots and & can also turn any spell you have into either of your Domain spells.
With that in mind, and since Domain Spontaneity has no real prerequisites, I think maybe I could let this one slide as having no prerequisites at all - though it really blows another feat, 'Extra Domain Spell' out of the water, which only effects a single spell from a single domain and has a somewhat of a prerequisite.

So, which is it? Is Domain Spontaneity overpowered or does Extra Domain Spell just suck?

What should be the prereqs for my homebrew, or should I just forget about it and take Domain Spontaneity twice?

2018-05-24, 11:46 PM
Domain Spontaneity is powerful, but Extra Domain Spell is too weak. I think yours is fine, and it's sufficiently different from Domain Spontaneity IMHO (i.e. Domain Spontaneity lets you sacrifice non-domain spells an indefinite number of times, whereas this feat preserves your non-domain spells a finite number of times).