View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Brainstorming commoner magic

2018-05-25, 09:56 AM
My world has a large amount of very low level magic. Don't need class levels, don't need spell slots. But it's all very simple stuff. Help me brainstorm practical things in two categories:

Chants: songs or rhythms that scale with the number of people in harmony.
Plain chants: Only have effect while the song is ongoing, limited effects. No sacrifice required. Basically continually sung/chanted while working.
High chants: Have lasting, larger effects, but require a small blood sacrifice (a chicken or a rabbit, maybe a lamb). Requires more people to start, as well as a trained leader. Performed as part of seasonal festivals, mostly.

Talismans: Written wards that act as seals (active until broken). Require time and skill to make (unlike the chants which are simpler). Have very specific effects.

Examples I have so far:

Weeder's plaint. Plain Chant. Makes undesired plants in the area stand out and be easier to pull.
Bug-me-not. Plain Chant. Repels biting insects from a group of animals.
Pestbane Hymn. High chant. Lasts for a month or so, non-lethally discourages plant-eating pests of all types.
Hymn of Safe Birth. High chant. Increases the odds of a healthy birth for a specific type of animal. Sacrifice must match the type of animal being protected (so an old sheep for a flock of sheep, a dried up cow for a herd of cattle, etc).
Preserver's Ward (food type). Talisman. Protects a container of a specific food type (beef, pork, wheat, etc) against spoilage.
Purifier's Ward. Talisman. Placed on a privy, it eliminates odors and composts the waste quickly, preventing it from affecting water sources, etc.

What other effects would a high-medieval-esque society want?