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2018-05-27, 09:26 AM
Hello folks. I'm needing some feedback on this warlock feature. I realize there are some undefined terms here, but I just want to know if this is too strong/weak for 10th level. Or could I increase the damage output and make it a patron cap?

10th level Repellent Ward

At 10th level you can channel your aura to inflict damage upon and push unattuned creatures a distance away from you, creating an ward of nigh impenetrable force. On your action, when you expend a spell slot, a wave of translucent, but radiant, force expands from you in a 25-foot sphere. Each creature caught in the wave takes 4d6 radiant damage and 4d6 force damage. A successful Dexterity save against your spell DC will result in half damage.

Attuned creatures are not affected by the ward. All other creatures are pushed outside the sphere’s area of effect and cannot enter for 1 minute as long as you maintain your concentration. Magical effects and magical items may penetrate the ward if the source succeeds on an appropriate attack roll made at a disadvantage against your spell save DC.

Another idea I had was to utilize the spell energy from Mystic Arcanum to fuel this feature. Going this route would definitely limit it to once per long rest, which fits a 14th level ability. Also the damage scaling would change to suit the varying spell levels.

2018-05-27, 01:23 PM
Why is it so absolute? There should be ways to bypass it, not just "You're immune to melee" for one minute.

2018-05-27, 02:36 PM
If by absolute you mean completely impervious to damage, the ward isn't. I suppose I can redefine it a little, but would that mean it's too powerful for 10th, too weak for 14th, or is there something not in line with what warlocks can do at those levels?

The intent of the ability is to not let anything or anyone through that is comprised partly or completely of magical energies. Nonmagical things can pass through if they are not attached to something containing magical energies. This includes the energies of life itself. Thus a magical blade can pass the barrier if its attack roll is higher than the DC, or AC if you will, of the repellent ward.

I suppose I could make it so that the shield has HP as well. That would actually be kind of cool. HP equal to half the warlock's level.

2018-05-28, 10:27 AM
I think another way of putting it is "I'm a dude with a sword, how am I meant to stab a guy 25ft away?"

2018-05-28, 11:30 AM
I think another way of putting it is "I'm a dude with a sword, how am I meant to stab a guy 25ft away?"

Exactly. As written, it's absolute. Creatures are pushed to the edge of the effect, and they CANNOT enter until the minute passes or you drop concentration.

Also, your spell DC is typically going to be 8+5+4=17 at this level. By forcing an attack at DISADVANTAGE to penetrate it...

A 10th level enemy Warlock likely has +9 to hit. That means they have a barely over 40% chance of an Eldritch Blast punching through the ward-and then they still need to hit.

2018-05-29, 08:51 PM
It would be better as a 14th level spell with boosted die.

That would both:

Make it feel epic, and worth the cooldown
conform to the normal Warlock designs, where the 10th level is some sort of defensive ribbon. Immunity, Resistance, Advantage on saving throws, et cetera. Even the Hexblade's level 10 ability, which is the most active, is still a defensive ability granting mechanical resistance from a cursed target's attacks

2018-05-30, 04:48 AM
Thanks everyone!