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2018-05-28, 12:28 AM
So I was looking at my roomates wood block print of Amaterasu from Okami that I got for him because I am awesome & as all things do it inspired me to try some D&D translation.

I'd like to put it together without a level adjustment, which my be a bit of a pipe dream, but let's see what we can do.

Presumably a Medium creature. It seems like if nothing else it should get a bonus to Dex but I'm not sure where to cut the points from to make up for it.

It has no hands, but it would have two instances of Greater Mage Hand in constant effect, with a severely reduced range - I am thinking maybe 30 feet?

I'd want to design that floating disk as an exotic weapon, I'm not sure that they should be racially proficient with it, though. Some of them have to bake the bread.

Their base speed should be higher than normal, though I'm not sure how big a deal that is.

1d6 natural Bite attack per a wolf.

Being a quadruped has benefits in a lot of opposed rolls & checks to avoid falling. They'd probably get some benefit to difficult terrain.

Instead of boosting the Wisdom score as seems appropriate, maybe a racial bonus to Spot & Listen, or even just Listen, would be more affordable.

The lack of hands is mitigated by the telekinetic ability, and the 'reach' of 30-ish feet on them is a huge deal. Maybe I could ratchet it back to 10 or 15 feet. Logic aside, I'd keep the 'strength' of these Homestar limbs based on the Strength score. I guess their physical body still has to support whatever they try to move.

If they want armor, they'll be paying extra for that due to being unusually shaped.

I kind of want this to be a race as versatile as humans, with no penalties in places that are going to hurt them for some classes. I don't want to cut Charisma, because they are cuties and because I want them to make good sorcerers and paladins.

Here's an initial attempt

Ratsu (working name)
Magical Beast
Base Speed - 50 feet (as a wolf) (Medium armor, 40 ft; heavy armor; 30 ft)
No ability score adjustment
Darkvision - 60 feet
+4 racial bonus to Spot and Listen checks.
+4 racial bonus to Jump and Balance checks.
+2 racial bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks.
Natural attack; Bite, 1d6
Bonus Feat: Track
+4 racial bonus to Survival rolls when tracking by scent
+2 bonus to all other Survival rolls.
+2 Natural Armor
-4 penalty to Ride checks
Automatic Languages: Common and Ratsu. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Gnome, and Sylvan.

Quadraped: Ratsu have four legs and four paws. They maintain all the benefits of being a quadraped. They suffer no penalty for moving through difficult terrain. They cannot wear gauntlets or gloves and can only wear one pair of boots.

Telekinetic Limbs (Ex): While not exactly psionic in nature, Ratsu have the ability to move and manipulate objects at range. The limbs have no true form and cannot be targeted or damaged, or even seen. They have a reach of 15 feet from the Ratsu's body. Ratsu cannot willingly carry an object past this range, though they may throw things normally. The limbs themselves are not capable of attacking or grappling. Aside from this, they work like regular humanoid arms, and can be used individually or in tandem. A Ratsu is capable of wielding a two-handed weapon by dedicating two telekinetic limbs to the task. The effect is centered on the Ratsu and it cannot lift itself with these limbs, and it cannot lift anything greater than its Strength score would allow. The limbs have the same Strength as the Ratsu.

Exotic Weapon: Ratsu Disk
A Ratsu Disk is a 50-pound flat metal disk usually made of steel or iron. It lacks a handle and must be weilded via telekinesis or some similar power. Ratsu attack with them by swinging them around using two telekinetic limbs, and advanced users spin them for a more powerful attack. Some have sharpened teeth around the edge, while others have thick blunt teeth. They may be thrown to some effect, but do not travel far. Both are equally unpleasant to be struck by.
Ratsu Disk (Edged) - Damage, Medium: 2d8 Slashing 19-20x2 - Range: 5 ft- weight: 50 lb - Price: 200 GP
Ratsu Disk (Blunt) - Damage, Medium: 2d8 Bludgeoning 20x3 - Range: 5 ft- weight: 50 lb - Price: 200 GP
*Special: Ratsu Disks are martial weapons for Ratsu.


Ratsu Trip
Prerequisite: Ratsu, Str 13
Benefit: A Ratsu with this feat that hits with a bite attack can attempt to trip the opponent as a free action without making a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip the Ratsu.
Special: This feat does not replace Improved Trip, but stacks with it when the conditions for both feats are met.
Special: Rastu Fighters may take this as a Fighter Bonus Feat.

Branched Focus:
Prerequisite: Ratsu, Int 15
Benefit: The Ratsu can focus on an additional point in space, effectively giving them a third limb. This does not inherently grant them any extra actions nor does it allow them to use larger weapons. If three of a Ratsu's telekinetic limbs are devoted to manipulating combat objects (such as weapons, wands and shields, but not lanterns or potions) they Ratsu takes -2 to all attack rolls.

Branched Focus, Greater:
Prerequisite: Ratsu, Int 19, Branched Focus
Benefit: The Ratsu can focus on an yet another point in space, creating a fourth telekinetic limb. This does not inherently grant them any extra actions nor does it allow them to use larger weapons. If four of a Ratsu's telekinetic limbs are devoted to manipulating combat objects (such as weapons, wands and shields, but not lanterns or potions) they Ratsu takes -4 to all attack rolls.

Armored Pelt:
Prerequisite: Ratsu, Con 15
Benefit: The Ratsu grooms and maintains its fur in such a way that it becomes a protective barrier. The Ratsu's pelt provides an Armor bonus (not Natural Armor) equal to one-half their Constitution bonus. It does not count as worn armor and provides no check penalty, maximum dexterity bonus, arcane spell failure, or movement restriction. As an Armor bonus, however, it does not stack with other armor bonuses.

Beast Tongue:
Prerequisite: Ratsu, Cha 11, Handle Animal 5 ranks
Benefit: The Ratsu gains a permanent 'Speak with Animals' effect as an extraordinary ability.

Energy Affinity:
Prerequisite: Ratsu, 5 HD, Toughness
Benefit. Choose a primary and a secondary energy type (Fire, Acid, Cold, Lightning, or Sonic). The Ratsu takes half damage from energy of the primary type, but 50% increased damage from energy of the secondary type. They also get +1 Caster Level to spells with the descriptor of the primary energy type, but -1 to saves against spells with the descriptor of the secondary energy type.
Special: This feat is reflects in the markings of the Ratsu's fur. Other Ratsu recognize the markings, and other creatures can deduce them with an appropriate Knowledge check (DC 20).

Greater Affinity:
Prerequisite: Ratsu, 10 HD, Toughness.
Benefit: You may choose an additional primary descriptor. This does not have to be one of the base energy types; it can be any damage descriptor. For example, it could be Negative Energy, Force, or Desiccation. It operates in the same way as the primary energy descriptor from the Ratsu's Energy Affinity and can be deduced with the same kind of Knowledge check.

I seem to have gotten a little carried away again. Give me your thoughts on if this is too strong or too weak for a non-level-adjusted playable race & about the feats available to them.