View Full Version : Pathfinder How much of 3.5's epic content could be used in Pathfinder?

2018-05-29, 04:18 PM
I know that there are some people who really hate 3.5 Epic content- to each their own, but I kinda like it.

I'm building a new setting on the philosophy that almost anything can die: That of the gods, the only two beings that will never be statted are the Overgod of Creation and the Overgoddess of Destruction. Everything else can and will have stats, eventually. To that end, I've found that 3.5's epic rules and divine ranks are more suitable than Pathfinder's Mythic Tiers.

Existing tier 10 mythics will be treated as having Divine Rank 1.

There are some things I plan to rebuild entirely- I want to overhaul the epic spellcasting rules, for example, in particular the way that epic spells are created. But rebuilding everything would be a pain. So, I'd like suggestions for which rules are compatible with Pathfinder and which should probably be scrapped.

The alternative would be just going back to 3.5 and missing out on some of pathfinder's much better content- I love the way that pathfinder handles their mundane classes.

2018-05-30, 11:32 AM
There are a few epic pathfinder conversions out there (e.g. here (http://www.jessesdnd.com/sites/default/files/EpicPathfinder1.6.pdf)(pdf)but notice that most PF material can also be backported into 3.5 with only a little work. It is worth noting that the primary unbalancing issue in epic is that it is too easy to mitigate epic spells. A rule that no epic spell may have final DC lower than half the primary seed and cannot have DC lower than the square root of what the DC would be without any mitigating factors clears up most of this issue (and both bounds above don't rule out any official epic spells).

Are there any specific concerns you have about porting epic over to Pathfinder?

2018-05-30, 01:50 PM
A suggestion I've also heard is that mitigating factors increase the research DC, and only decrease the casting DC.