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2018-05-30, 05:46 PM
I'm considering the following alterations to the Xanathar's Guide crafting rules:

Under normal conditions (crafting while not using dedicated, stationary tools), a player character produces 50 gp of value* toward the sale price of the item per 8 workdays. This requires at least 8 hours spent working on each of those workdays, although the days do not have to be consecutive. Spending more time in a workday does not produce extra value. You can choose to hurry the production, but run the risk of causing a setback and losing value.

To hurry production, roll a d20 and add your crafting modifier (listed below). Your progress changes by an amount of gp equal to the result - 12. On a roll of a 1, you lose half the accumulated value; on a roll of a 20 you gain progress equal to half the amount you've already accumulated.

Another character can attempt to help-- helping create an item produces extra value per workday as follows (proficiency is only added if the character is proficient in the artisan’s tools required):

Helper's modifier
Extra value per day (gp)

Less than 3 (not proficient)
modifier - 1d4 (no minimum)

Less than 3 (proficient)


2d4 + modifier

2d4 x modifier

Skilled artisans using established tools (a smith in an established smithy, for example) create value at 10gp per day (2x the normal rate). Dedicated assistants increase that linearly (so two dedicated artisans produce 20 gp per day). As usual, consumables cost half their nominal value to craft.

Your crafting modifier is your proficiency (if proficient in the tools) + the following ability modifier (if two are listed you can use either):

Tool Proficiency
Ability Score

Smith's, Mason's, Carpenter's tools
Strength or Constitution

Woodcarver's, Glassblower's, Jeweler's tools

Herbalism Kit, Brewer's Supplies, Cook's utensils
Intelligence or Wisdom

Alchemist's Supplies, Cartographer's Tools

Weaver's or Leatherworker's tools, Calligrapher's supplies

As part of this (and to make magic items seem more special), I want to move the "commonplace" magic of items into special materials you can quest for. The list of special materials I've come up with is:

Cosmetic materials (leathers and woods)
+10% price (for extra care in making). Purely cosmetic things (like hilt wrappings) are free.

Non-magical special materials (metals, leathers and woods)
Mithril (Uncommon)
Cost: +50% over base
Weight adjustment: -50%
* Applies to metal armors and weapons made primarily of metal.
* Weapons count as silvered and gain the finesse property unless they have the heavy or two-handed property. Weapons that have the heavy property lose that property.
* Armor no longer gives disadvantage on stealth, maximum dexterity bonus increases by 1 (to +1 for heavy armor).

Ironwood (Uncommon)
Cost: +50% over base
Weight adjustment: + 30%
Applies to clubs, quarterstaffs, great-clubs, breastplates, and shields
* Weapons go up one dice size, lose the “light” property
* Shields gain +1 to AC
* Breastplates of ironwood are not metal (for druids) and increase the maximum dexterity bonus to +3.

Wyrm-scale (Very Rare)
Cost: +100% over base
Weight adjustment: -25%
Applies to scale and splint armor and shields
* Armor does not count as metal for druids, does not cause disadvantage on stealth, gives +1 AC

Elvenwood (Common)
Cost: +25% over base
Weight adjustment: 0%
Applies to bows, crossbows, spears, and javelins
* Doubles the short range of the weapon when used as a ranged or thrown weapon.

Attuned hide (varies)
Cost: +100% over base
Weight adjustment: 0%
Applies to leather (including studded) and hide armor
Effect varies
* (Rare) Fire/cold: Wearer is comfortable in all temperatures. Can be used once to gain resistance to fire or cold damage for one minute.
* (Rare) Lightning: The wearer's speed cannot be reduced below half. Can be used once to double movement speed for one minute.
* (Uncommon) Earth: The wearer has advantage on saving throws or ability checks made to resist forced movement. Can be used once to cast meld into stone.
* (Very Rare) Celestial: This armor glows, casting dim light for 10 feet around the wearer. The wearer can toggle this on or off at will on their turn. Can be used once to cast daylight.
* (Very Rare) Shadow: The wearer counts as lightly obscured (as if in dim light) against any attacks or detection attempts originating from more than 15 feet away. Can be used (once) to cast darkness.

Krasnite (Rare)
Cost: +150% over base
Weight adjustment: 0%
Applies to metal armor, shields, and weapons, as well as foci

* All: Hard and strong, this metal has an orange-red appearance. It is immune to corrosion damage (such as from a rust monster or ooze).
* Foci: Attacks that deal fire or radiant damage deal an additional 1d4 damage when a focus of this material is used.
* Weapons: Half the damage inflicted by the weapon is fire damage.
* Armor: grants resistance to acid damage