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2018-05-31, 09:50 AM
So I made my own homebrew 2e race. Vampires. I kinda wanted to do it, so I did. I think I made okay rules.

STR: 18 (roll percentile)
DEX: 4d6
CON: (2d6-1)*(-1)
INT: Basic
WIS: Basic
CHA: Here I had problems. My friend said it should be a higher number, due to the fact that vampires are able to hypnotise and stuff, but I thought it should be in the negatives due to them being undead. Anyways, here are the two.
Basic +1, high
(2d6-1)*(-1), low

Same as listed under MM description, but with following changes.

Only takes 3/4 damage from normal weapons
Cannot create vampire followers
Only gets CHARM once per day

Please let me know what you think.