View Full Version : Dread Necromancy Sorcerer Origin (Updated)

2018-05-31, 10:59 AM
This is my attempt at doing what Wizards did for the Favored Soul for the Dread Necromancer. It is likely unbalanced in some places, hence why I am posting it up. I am looking for all the balance help I can get with it, though I have a clear goal in mind. The clear goal is that it should be BETTER than a school of Necromancy wizard at undead pets, without being brokenly so. The thing is, wizard is straight up a better caster and better class than Sorcerer. As a result, and to stay true to the flavor of the Dread Necromancer, my philosophy behind this subclass was to create a pet-based necromancer that can create stronger and more undead than the wizard, but at the cost of being specialized/having significantly less casting power than the wizard. Thus, its pet commanding abilities should be better than that of the wizard, since a Sorcerer will never have the wizard's versatility and metamagic doesn't really give a necromancer any reason to not go wizard over sorcerer. That being said, I'd like some balance help to make this better than the wizard at pets, but not so broken it could never see play at a table (allowing you to attempt to permanently control a different undead creature.) Anyway, without further hesitation, I give you the Dread Necromancy Sorcerous Origin (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fuvl9m-jLMf8KRpb7FBFk5TuLwzFVapF/view?usp=sharing)

Any and all comments/suggestions are appreciated!