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2018-05-31, 01:06 PM
I have watched the Gamers (YouTube channel: Dead Gentlemen Productions) -- including Humans & Households -- as well as Natural 1. Even though they use Pathfinder, I see no difference in the D&D 3.5 campaigns I either had played in or have run. Everyone in this forum probably knows at least 1 or 2 people like those in the series.

Even though I have no doubt there are threads like this one in here anyway, I just wanted to make sure that this was a thing. I'd especially like to know if this series has influenced your gameplay, at all. I had actually created 30 almost-identical bards (just like on Dorkness Rising) because the DM had too many deadly traps/encounters...in the session before I created the bards. I have, also, created a rogue with a pants collection.

So, does the series influence YOUR gameplay in any way?

2018-06-01, 06:14 AM
Hey, lots of love for "the gamers". Sadly, I've never been in a group where everyone had watched it and explaining the joke . . .

2018-06-04, 02:16 AM
I have watched those movies over and over many times. They are great fun. And yes every time I watch one of those movies I feel inspiration for D&D.
"Called Shot: To The Nuts!" Lol :P

2018-06-12, 09:50 AM
A player, in my campaign, decided to make his character able to hide behind a lamp. Well...he gave his character such a high HIDE check, that it reminded me of the scene from Gamers 4: Shadow Menace.

2018-06-12, 10:11 AM
My absolute favorite of the series is the first one. The later ones are more entertaining in some ways, but they also feel a lot more like constructed stories. The first one just feels like it absolutely captures the essence of playing a tabletop game. From getting annoyed at the one guy who can't make it and leaving his character in the corner, to one player whipping out some weird BS that technically works according to the rules (backstab with a ballista) to everyone getting hyped over an absurd crit. (not to mention getting too rowdy and needing to tone it down every 5 minutes)

Seriously, I consider the original The Gamers close to a work of genius in how well it parodies the experience of playing RPGs.

The others are pretty good, and certainly have their moments, but are very different movies. Just the fact that the players have names makes them completely unlike the first one.

2018-06-27, 11:13 AM
I agree that the first one depicted the epitome of what it means to be a part of a D&D campaign. The 2nd one was cute (and added to how the first one felt). The rest are just fun to watch, though. I'm looking forward to their continuing stories!

Of course, I'm also looking forward to the stories in OotS: Good Deeds Gone Unpunished

2018-06-27, 01:03 PM
I'm still introducing the Gamers to people: Not everyone has heard of them.
Good news, everyone who discovers them loves them.

2018-07-02, 06:02 PM
Unfortunately, all my friends have seen them by now. One of my friends got upset with me over commenting how he plays a paladin like JourneyQuest.

Then again, another friend of mine plays...CHAOTIC! He's not EVIL...nor a whore. He took offense to a 3rd friend of mine who was making that comparison.

2018-07-03, 01:10 AM
I've only seen the first one but found it very funny. I particularly remember the backstab with the balista, and when the mage lifts the gate (or whatever it was) after the big guy tried and couldnt. And the mage does a kind of star wars sand person celebration, forget exactly. Anyways i rem it being funny!

2018-07-03, 02:26 AM
Whenever a new player joins one of our groups, at same point showing them both Gamers 1 and 2 has become kind of a ritual. While 1 is the more "cult" one with all those quotes, overall I think 2 is the much better move, it tells a clear story with much better dialogue and acting so I've found many to have never heard of either to prefer 2 (and of course, still loads of memorable quotes... "Hide behind the mount of dead bards!" )

2018-07-04, 03:34 PM
I created 30 bards, once, when the DM decided he wanted to see how many PCs he could kill. After Bard #24, he finally gave up. How did I lose 24 bards? I kept jumping into the traps & anything trying to kill the other PCs.

While I believe Dorkness Rising is the better one to show how some players (& DMs) act, I stand by my saying that the first movie is the better movie to explain how D&D campaigns tend to play out.

2018-07-04, 03:36 PM
when the mage lifts the gate (or whatever it was) after the big guy tried and couldnt. And the mage does a kind of star wars sand person celebration, forget exactly. Anyways i rem it being funny!

It was the elf. Besides, if Rogar hadn't fumbled...who am I kidding. He lifted with his back, after all!