View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next New Pact Boon for Warlocks: Pact of the Grave (A Necro-pet master warlock pact boon)

2018-06-01, 04:51 PM
One thing that always frustrated me about 5e is how the warlock, the "dark magic" class, is a worse necro pet-master than the wizard. Thus, I decided to make this homebrew to remedy that situation. However, rather than make the necro-pet-master warlock a patron, I felt it more appropriate to instead make it a pact boon and invocations, as I can honestly see warlocks of several patrons taking up mastery of the undead as a perk of their bargain. Archlich Warlocks from the aformentioned Dark Arts Player's Guide, Fiendish warlocks with a patron like Orcus, Undying Warlocks and even Hexblades (they already get a bit of undead pet mastery in-archetype) all seem like viable candidates to go down this path. Hell, I could even see a GOO warlock maybe going into necromancy, with the Necronomicon being a thing in lovecraft and all.

As a result, this pact and invocations where made to allow any warlock to have undead minionmancy of similar caliber to a wizard if they so choose. While the wizard still has numbers on them, the Warlock's pets end up slightly stronger than the wizard's to compensate, and even further you can start making undead as soon as level 3. Thus, in the end both the wizardly and Warlock necro-pet-master options should balance against each other, with the Warlock having the edge at lower levels and the Wizard having the edge at higher levels. So, without further hesitation, I present The Pact of the Grave (and its invocations) for Warlocks (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RekxsH7-1B9ALZnnYrz3p0c6MvNDd0t2/view?usp=sharing). I have no idea how mechanically balanced these options are, so any and all advice on their mechanical balance would be appreciated!

(NOTE: I have terrible grammar and spelling. I know there are lots of grammar and spelling mistakes in the doc. I am more looking for mechanical balance advice than grammar advice so please, refrain from pointing out the numerous grammatical and spelling errors I know are there. Thanks in advance.)