View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Adventure feedback wanted! The Goblins and the Snot Frog.

2018-06-03, 01:00 PM
I just uploaded The Goblins and the Snot Frog: Zorobolo's Brew (http://www.dmsguild.com/product/243495/The-Goblins-and-the-Snot-Frog-Zorobolos-Brew) to DM's Guild, and I'd love some feedback before I get to work on the next one. It's up there for purchase, but if you private message me your email address, I can have DM's Guild send you a free copy to read through, or try running.

It's 31 pages, has some minor custom monsters, a partially custom boss, a couple new magic items, and a tactically-demanding final encounter. For levels 4-5, and takes about 6 hours.

I'm not looking to spend the day emailing out tons of these, but I can send one to the first five or so folks who message me.

Thanks to anyone who provides some feedback, positive or negative!

2018-06-12, 05:34 PM
Update: Ive added some cover art and other minor modifications.

Instead of sending out copies, I just set it to Pay what you want so that you can check it out for free. Ive gotten some good input, but Id love a bit more!