View Full Version : Original System A twist on the standard "damage types" system [PEACH]

2018-06-05, 07:38 PM
Originally, I planned to put this into a videogame, but I recently realized it would probably fit at least as well in a tabletop one.

Damage can belong to any number* of types, most frequently being 2 to 5. Resistances to damage types are percentage based, whereas vulnerabilities are flat values or extra effects independent of the amount of damage otherwise dealt. Attacks that deal many damage types are more valuable than those that deal only a few, because only the lowest applicable resistance (including none at all) applies, whereas vulnerabilities stack.

Any damage type can be used to modify a spell or enchant a weapon, though some (such as dragon or (un)holy) can be more difficult than others (such as lightning or cold) and some might not make much sense (like a spear enchanted with crushing, thus dealing crushing/piercing damage rather than just piercing.)

unholy (colloquially known as "hellfire" when combined with fire)
corrosion (includes acid and rust)
dragon (often combined with fire, though not always; a wyvern's sting deals piercing/poison/dragon damage)
silver (weapons made of silver are much more common than those made of something else but enchanted with silver, though both exist; spells that deal silver damage are rare, but not unheard of)
explosive (frequently combined with fire)
radiant/light (mostly 0-damage spells that only deal damage to things specifically vulnerable to it, though there are exceptions)
solar (usually combined with radiant)
lunar (likewise)

Believe it or not, this was distantly inspired by Kirby.

*technically I mean "any positive integer"