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2018-06-17, 05:24 PM
Hello everybody, I have come here to build up a continuation of the Necronomicon including three more monster stat blocks and a PC race. Since the creation of my Necronomicon project, I have received some PMs requesting certain monsters to be built, and I have decided to answer them here all at once. Here I will be creating the Byakhee (from The Festival), The Tomb Hound (from The Hound) and the Men of Leng (from The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath). There is both a monster and a playable race for the Leng Dwellers. Once this has been reviewed by the community and fully critiqued, I will attach the content here to the document with the Necronomicon. Technically I have completed and reviewed this new content, but I would still like to here people's opinions on it. Follow the homebrewery link below to view the new work.