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2018-06-18, 04:04 PM
A bit of a lesson when it comes to me: I Create when I am Bored. As such I was bored and I asked my self "Can you put every single fire arm to exist into D&D, from Fire Lance to HMG?" Seeing it as an interesting challenge, I do so.

This: is that result. At last count I was at 44 weapons, and 13 subclasses based around fire arms, from paladins who shoot silver bullets, to Barbarians who are Rambo, to bards who are 19th century river boat gamblers. I am quite proud of that one I must say.

Here is the Homebrewery link (http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/ryJVX9S-7). Before you click that link a short note: my philosophy when it comes to home brews is generally ‘the community is smarter then you’, so even if the ship is launched half built the feed back of that community will improve it far more then you starring at the page for hours. That said this ship is not half built, but it still needs some work ,(which is why there are only fire arms and subclasses not feats or monsters even if I have ideas for some gunnery based devils) and it's also why the equipment list look barren, I literally ran out of ideas of things that are century dependent to use as gear. So expect a lack of balance, good ideas (i hope) with poor execution, along things and ideas that could be expanded upon and more.

As sort of an example/preview of what the sub class at least look like, here is that bard river boat gambler: The college of cards and the sun of gun sorcerer
He probablly shows the problem with this doc, good flavor, very good flavor just that card thing is likely quite overpowered. The Idea is if you go fishing for those good 10-9-8's, your gonna get jokered and so you need to play with the cards you do draw and use what you have. Got a card that buff's a skill roll, better look for or create a chance to use a skill roll to your advantage, still seems powerful though, maybe some card of 'wild card' rule where the DM can mandate some other cards become like jokers? Not gonna get rid of the wish though on the aces though, that's so rare and so flavorful, not to mention the horror of if a DM gets all four aces

Again: here is the Homebrewery link (http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/ryJVX9S-7)

I think this is the first homebrew I posted here, even including the account I lost in my child hood, so yes feed back would not just be useful, but necessary for a beta doc like this. It's usable don't get me wrong, just got a few glitches. Think less Assasin's creed unity and more like a Bethesda game