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2018-06-19, 04:46 PM
Unorthodox Technique

Prerequisite: At least one level in a class with the Spellcasting class feature

You've adopted an approach to spellcasting which is unusual among spellcasters of your kind.

When you gain this feat, choose an ability: Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. Then choose a class that grants the Spellcasting class feature. You gain the following benefits:

Your score in the chosen ability increases by 1, to a maximum of 20.

The chosen ability score becomes your spellcasting ability for spells associated with the chosen class.


It's easy to come up with characters who don't conform to the usual pairings of class + spellcasting ability. For example:

The Snow-White-style druid who relies more on charm and force of personality than Wisdom.

The X-man-style sorcerer who harnesses her supernatural abilities through intense study.

The idiot savant wizard who understands magic on an intuitive level but who isn't especially clever.

It would be nice if it were possible to play characters like that. It would also make multiclassing a little easier, in a way that I don't think breaks the game.

2018-06-19, 04:51 PM
I both accept and lament that this doesn't let me play a Muscle Wizard.

2018-06-19, 05:32 PM
Looking forward to lots of Charisma-based Wizards... haha

2018-06-20, 09:57 AM
Any thoughts on balance? Should the feat also change other abilities of the chosen spellcasting class? For example, if I take the feat and become an Intelligence-based paladin, should my Divine Sense be based on Intelligence rather than Charisma?

2018-06-20, 10:54 AM
I like the idea. However, it doesn't help single-classers unless you're playing a variant human or get free feats as part of the campaign.

I would love the ability to play a wisdom wizard or Intelligence Warlock... but unless you get it really early, as mentioned above, it will warp how you choose your stats, so you'd be severely under-optimized until you can pick it up.

However, I 100% like it as a multiclass smoothing agent - effectively it is creating a class of "finesse spells"

When making an attack with a finesse spell, you use your choice of your Charisma, Wisdom, or Intelligence modifier for the attack and damage rolls. You must use the same modifier for both rolls.

Sariel Vailo
2018-06-20, 12:59 PM
Its useful and i like it.