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2018-06-21, 08:50 PM
This thread is almost an exact copy of the first thread, which you can find a link to here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?554134-The-Necronomicon-28-page-long-Lovecraftian-Homebrew-Supplement-(almost-completed)), but the title of that thread has now become misleading and I was unable to change the thread's title so I had to make a new one.

Greetings playground, for those of you who have been checking the homebrew design boards for a while now, you have probably come across many different projects by me revolving around some of Lovecraft's works. All of these individual projects were made with the purpose of creating an entire mini supplement of Lovecraftian content for D&D 5e entitled "The Necronomicon". It is 32 pages long, so it is slightly longer than the Elemental Evil Player's Companion which is just 25 pages. This supplement covers aspects of D&D all across the board; including both character options (such as races and sub-classes) and monsters coming straight from Lovecraft's books (such as the deep one and night-gaunt). In total I have managed to homebrew 4 races, 5 sub-classes, 8 feats, 4 familiars, and 17 monsters, a spell and a magical item, all of which have fully built flavor descriptions. Each of the content presented here has had its own individual thread where it has been reviewed by the members of the playground and refined by their requests. All of them have been combined into this single document where they have been fully formatted and organized. I proof-read the document what must be more than five times to and have fixed almost all the grammatical errors, but I am willing to bet I missed a lot along the way anyhow. Now it has been completely finished and edited, but is open to change as a result of feedback. If you think there is anything I should fix (whether it be mechanics, flavor descriptions, grammar or formatting) then please tell me about it here so I may perfect the Necronomicon. If you ever decide to use any of the content here, then I would like it if you gave me a review of it either here or through a PM, but it is by no means necessary.

Now my friends, the stars have aligned, and if you think you can handle what comes from beyond the veil of sanity found within the deranged pages of the Necronomicon, then follow the link here to a home-brewery document of sinister arcane lore and d20s.

Or if Homebrewery is a problem for you, I have migrated the content over to a pair of Google Docs so you can view it. These documents have much better grammar, but it also isn't nearly as well formatted or aesthetically designed.

Part 1 (player options): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z56zHN89SWUhl4p-wkXHHpgOt1kZzqlUYEvuwwljBuk/edit?usp=sharing
Part 2 (bestiary): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VQ_oGXyqfXi5TcMcmaowHOlwB64ZoUTyQen_HQS_Ks4/edit?usp=sharing

Special thanks to the following people...
- Kingovrats for drawing almost all of the great illustrations you see throughout the book
- MxKit for comprehensively reviewing the races
- Nifft, Potato Priest, Molemage and Aniikinis for their much needed help in the creation of the night-gaunt race
- JNA productions, Galactic Axe Kick and Avigor for helping to refine the aberration fighter sub-class
- BlackBando for his assisstance in multiple projects, especially the sub-classes and feats
- Demonslayerelf for his thorough critiquing of both the the conjure aberration spell and the monsters.
- Urist McMage for suggestions on some features to grant to some of the monsters
- All of the other wonderful playgrounders who helped me with this task!

Thank you in advance to anyone who helps me here or simply takes the time to read through the supplement!

2019-09-13, 02:19 AM
Pretty cool. Like the artwork.
Homebrewery has some formatting issues. Pictures pushing text out of the pane. FYI.

2019-10-08, 02:05 PM
Pretty cool. Like the artwork.
Homebrewery has some formatting issues. Pictures pushing text out of the pane. FYI.

Normally I wouldn't respond to a comment like this due to concern over rules regarding thread necromancy, but given how this is the homebrew design board and I am the original creator of the content, it looks like I get a break here. Just as a note, the artwork was not made by me, it was made by someone on DeviantArt called KingovRats. Aside from asking for permission to use their artwork, I have never communicated with said person and frankly don't have any good idea of what they have done except for Lovecraft drawings. As for the formatting issues you are telling me about, the appearance of that is merely a result of one of the "quirks" of homebrewery which show up some of the time. When I use Google Chrome and set the zoom to 100% the pictures do not push the text out of the visible screen, but if I use any other browser or change the zoom then things become a problem. If using Chrome at 100% zoom on your computer is not something you want to do, than the google documents contain the exact same information just in a different format.