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2018-06-24, 01:08 PM
Currently I am a lvl 7 Tabaxi in my DM homebrew game where samurai, and anything "Japanese", are incredibly rare. Think a samurai wandering around while the Crusades were going on rare. So naturally if I was to somehow lose my katana and ō-yoroi, by say being engulfed by a few puddings and a rust monster, it would be damn near impossible to replace unless I made it myself. The problem with that is my DM kinda has thing against crafting, well items and weapons since he lets the clerics make healing scrolls and potions without much fuss. I brought up that I wanted to forge a new katana since I'm proficient with smith's tools, but he ruled that the smiths in the city wouldn't let me use thier forges and the rules say I need to "find/have" a recipe for it. For the sake of the game and everyone else, I let it go. After much thought, and some slight hinting, he implied I might be able to design a weapon and have a blacksmith forge it for me. Clearly I didn't want to go through losing my stuff again (It's happened all three PC's at least once in this current campaign) I figure I'd design a magical nodachi(greatsword stats) My DM's whole reason for a "softban" on crafting armor/weapons is being too powerful. I'm going to offer the following process of crafting and see how he'll take it. I'd love some feedback

Bahamut's Benevolent Blade
+1 Greatsword
Requires attunment by those of any good alignment
This greatsword was conceived in a dream by a devout follower of Bahamut.
This sword cannot harm a creature of good alignment and will simply
bounce off their skin regardless of the amount of force used, but damage dealt to
creatures of evil alignment is doubled and nullifys any regeneration abilites for
the rest of the round.

Forging requirments
1.5 weeks & 250gp for researching properties of mithral
1.5 Weeks & 250gp for researching properties of Adamantine
1 week & 100gp to develop the forging process
1 iron ignot
1 mithral ignot
1 admantine ignot
1/8 platinum ignot
1 Tanned hide of a creature (CR 8+)
2000gp & 10 weeks to forge by master blacksmith
*All components must be blessed by a priest, paladin, or Bahamut himself prior to forging (cost to DM discretion)