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2007-09-09, 06:48 AM
The truenamer is a class from the tome of magic and to me seems nearly impossible to ever cast utterances. does anyone have suggestions on how to fix the class to be able to play?
Also, does anyone homebrew their own utterances they'd like to share?

All in all, I'm looking to improve the Truenamer and seeing if any or all of you have some ideas...

2007-09-09, 07:26 AM
As for affecting foes, consider:

At level 1, you have:

4 ranks + 3 Int mod + 3 skill focus = 10
CR 1 = DC 17

You need to role 7 or better to affect a monster.

At level 20, you have:

23 Ranks + 11 Int Mod* + 3 Skill Focus + 10 Grt Amulet of Silver Tongue = 57
CR 20 = DC 55

* 16 start +5 Tome + 5 level ups + 6 Headband of Intellect = 32 INT = 11 Int Mod

That's an autosuccess. Considering most monsters have SR, well, that's only a +5 to the DC, meaning you have to role 3 or better to hit a CR 20 with spell resistance.

Yes, you need magic items to make your truespeak check. Yes, you must focus on INT and increasing your INT. Guess what? Fighters need magic weapons to do their job too.

2007-09-09, 08:13 AM
23 Ranks + 11 Int Mod* + 3 Skill Focus + 10 Grt Amulet of Silver Tongue = 47
Fixed that for you.

2007-09-09, 08:20 AM
Crap, sorry. Clearly one should never do math without coffee. Still not impossible. A lot of utterances have no saving throw anyway. Never liked skill based magic systems in 3.5. Saga, IIRC, has problems making Force powers sticking at higher levels too.

Lord Tataraus
2007-09-09, 10:11 AM
Really, truenamers suck. All they have are minor buffs and debuffs and have hard time using them. They just aren't worth it. I can see no way to fix it other than redoing the whole class, but I don't like their concept of truename magic any way.

2007-09-09, 10:12 AM
A one level dip in Exemplar will allow you to take 10 on Truenaming checks and give you a +4 competence bonus.

2007-09-09, 12:44 PM
Here's (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=614007) the Guide to optimizing Truenamers. As you can see, it is quite possible to break the system. I'd say just avoid it. If you like the concept, consider a Sorcerer with a lot of Power Word spells (see Races of the Dragon for more than the core 3).

2007-09-09, 12:46 PM
Power Word: Orga - *Solo ducks for cover as various deadly objects are thrown at him*

ps. A one level dip in Marshal can double your INT bonus to INT based skill checks, so a Marshal1/Truenamerx/Exemplar one would have a large bonus to truenaming checks right off the bat.