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2018-06-26, 04:26 PM
I was thinking of hiding a few magical items in the vault of a dungeon I'm planning on running, and these are where my muse took me. I know the rarity may or may not be off, but since these are unique, one-of-a-kind items, I decided to design them at roughly Legendary strength.

Robe of the Wandering Monk: Wonderous Item, Legendary, Attunement

This off-white robe in the style of itinerant preachers of Ados, god of the Open Sky, is made of thick, well-worn linen cloth. Its sleeves flair slightly towards the ends, and there is a thick rope of braided hemp next to it. There are wavy lines of brown along the hems at the bottom, as though it has been dragged through the mud more than once, and the knees and elbows are similarly stained.

You gain the following benefits while attuned to and wearing the robe:
You are immune to poison damage, the poisoned condition, and disease.
If you are not wearing armor or carrying a shield, your base AC becomes 15 + your Wisdom modifier.
You gain Truesight.
Each dawn, the robe envelops itself and its wearer in a Sanctuary spell (DC 19).

Key of Sylvan Shadows: Wonderous Item, Legendary, Attunement

This ironwood skeleton key is inlaid with spiraling lines of silvery mithril, and is etched with flowing Sylvan script that reads “May this world know some measure of my skill as I depart to the next.” While attuned, the key opens or locks any mundane lock, resizing itself to fit, and grants advantage on any check to open a magical lock. The key has three charges. By expending a charge as an action, it can cast Misty Step. By expending two charges, it can cast Dimension Door. By expending 3 charges, it can cast Teleport. It regains all spent charges each dawn.

Sigram: Weapon (Greatsword), Legendary, Attunement

Hanging on the wall next to a rudimentary scabbard, this sword manages to stand out despite its unassuming, sweat stained, leather-wrapped hilt and simple round pommel. The blade is covered in rippling bands of pure Adamantine, somehow forged within and bonded to the steel, making it significantly heavier than any other sword its size, but the sword is so perfectly balanced it is almost impossible to notice this weight when it is in the hand. You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with this weapon. This weapon also functions as a weapon of warning. It has the following additional properties:

Adamantine Edge. Sigram ignores resistance or immunity to slashing damage, and scores a critical hit on a roll of 18-20.

Fires of Victory. Whenever you reduce a hostile creature to 0 hit points with Sigram, as a reaction you may immediately move up to your movement and make a melee attack with Sigram.

Sentience. Sigram is a sentient chaotic neutral weapon with an Intelligence of 14, a Wisdom of 8, and a Charisma of 18. It has hearing out to a range of 120 feet. While held, it also is able to use its wielder’s senses.

The weapon communicates telepathically with its wielder and can speak and understand any spoken language as though using a tongues spell. Its voice is a rich and resonant baritone.

Personality. Sigram is passionate, prideful, and impetuous, always seeking to find what lies beyond the horizon and to test its edge against blades raised in challenge. The sword wishes to prove its superiority and be held in the hand of the victor over the prostrate forms of the defeated.

Sigram will not tolerate cowardice in its wielder and urges its bearer to be the first into strife, nor will it suffer slights upon it or its wielder’s honor. Conflict arises if the wielder declines a direct challenge, or lets an insult go unpunished.

2018-06-26, 04:41 PM
Sigram should probably require a bonus action or limit the extra attack to once/turn.

As written, let's say you're a Barbarian with Sigram, and you Reckless Attack. Your average commoner has 4 HP and 10 AC, meaning that at level 8, you can have GWM, Extra Attack, and a +8 attack bonus.

There's a field of commoners. You Reckless Attack, hitting 99.75% of the time (or, in other words, missing 1/400 attacks), and then immediately move up to your speed and repeat it. This goes on until you miss THREE times (Extra Attack gives two, GWM gives a third as a bonus action for critting or killing) or run out of commoners.

Now, obviously this is a bit of a ridiculous situation. But what's NOT is a level 20 Barbarian facing an army, which would NORMALLY kill him. Even with resistance to damage, 1,000 arrows puts a crimp in his style. But, if he reaches the army, with his +14 to-hit, advantage, and 2d6+12 damage, he can consistently one-shot your average soldier, which probably have something like AC 15 and 10 HP. He can, in other words, cut down an average of 1,200 soldiers in formation in one turn.

2018-06-26, 04:42 PM
I think these are cool items, and I especially like the "Fires of Victory" ability of the sword.

2018-06-26, 04:43 PM
Fair enough, I can tweak that a bit. Although, I kinda had that in mind and thought that it would be a cool scenario for my players to dream of, but as a DM be sensible enough to never throw at them. THAT'S the kind of story people would tell about Legendary/Artifact weapons, to be honest.

2018-06-26, 05:05 PM
Not sure what edition you meant these for. I think allowing you to quickly mow down a bunch of weak soldiers is a really cool idea. Limiting it to 1 attack each time somehow (so even if you have a field of people who you hit on a 2 you still only mow through an average of 20 per turn) would probably help. Or limiting the total distance you can move with the ability each turn to your speed. Or limiting the total number of times it triggers per turn to some ability or ability bonus (say you can use it as many times as your strength (if you feel really generous) or the minimum of your physical bonuses (if you feel stingy) to keep a hard limit on it).

The key completely removes any need for someone to bother trying to pick locks. Maybe make it a roll of some sort for the key to work or have it boost "Pick Lock" checks by a hefty amount.

If I have the robe, can I put it on a critically poisoned person and save them, or does it only work on the attuned user?

2018-06-26, 05:11 PM
Oh, thanks for reminding me to flag this as 5e.

I already keyed Fires of Victory to use your reaction, so it's by default limited to once per turn.

I suppose I could tone down the key a bit. I dunno, I just like the idea of the infallible key; it's a common trope for a reason.

And yes, the robe only works for the attuned user.