View Full Version : Player Help Crafter type build for 3.5, need advice

2018-06-28, 07:25 PM
Hi team, I'm struggling to figure out a new character build and need your brains. It's a level 1 start in a 3.5 campaign. I'm playing a twin brother with my friend who is going to be the more outgoing frontline brother. I want my guy to be a crafty support character who builds/brews his attacks and buffs. In my mind he would create little flashbombs as distractions, maybe throw grease and acid in bottles. Also he could throw potions as buffs or attacks. Also, this dude could build traps to set in sneaky moments. So yeah, I'm struggling to find a build for this guy and am hoping someone can help me out. I rolled my stats well, (17,17,14,13,12,12). Ideally he would be a range, non melee, support, buff, spell thrower. Thanks in advance