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2007-09-09, 07:19 PM
So one of my best friends (female) wants me to join her game its a mostly core game with a bit of house rules, mostly a non-serious game. Its more about rping than gaming, she doesn't even use XP and just announces when people level. She also doesn't do WBL guidelines, so its a very houseruled game. Well I decided to play a druid, and to hold off any cheese, and just rp. I'm the Party healer, we're level 5. There is a Bard/Barbarian Rogue, a rogue, 2 sorcerers, a rogue/monk, and a Paladin. (I'm not the ones who told them this isn't a good mix :/) Well I was re looking at RoW, and I saw the Skypledged PrC. It seems fairly Flavorful, but the oath looks pretty tough to keep, especially since some of the best druid spells are earth or fire based. Also most of the Abilities I'd get from a longer period of time as a druid. The Big Pro is I can call upon Cleric spells, which would be greater for recalling healing spells (since I don't want to totally outdo the party, which isn't hard to do, as I do the most damage.). Anyone ever Play a skypledged before? Any suggestions for it or otherwise? Any other PrCs that might be a better choice.

Ok so for RPing sake I'm not 100pct sure if this PrC would fit either. Ok so my backstory is of my character: Sibbon Angelwing, his father is the clan leader of the angelwings, the silver protectors of Tuilviel Glithen. They are prized for their silver wings and are being poached and sold as wings of an angel and for material components. So One day (still young aged), we are hunting and poachers shoot down Sibbon, he falls into a river, and then gets attacked by wolves, they corner him, until an awakened wolf mother stops the pack and takes him in. She dies and then Sibbon questions about his heritage and goes out searching for his people, one of his wolven brothers goes out searching with him (animal companion). So it seems his tied to the earth and the air so its sorta tough to just dedicate to the air.