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Totally Guy
2007-09-10, 04:26 AM
I've found a great soundtrack that I think I can use for incidental music in a game of D&D. I think I should be able to break the tunes down into segments representing achievements, perils, fights and flights all the main elements of the story. I'm just wondering how well it'll work...

There is about 40 minutes worth of music but if it gets split into 3 categories, music applied to a light kind of hero, music for a slightly less heroic sort of hero and music to represent the threat to the BBEG then there might not be enough music. These two hero themes could be used for certain "factions" within the party or as a tune determined by what the collective party does.

Does anybody use incidental music and how well does it work? How much is enough? I hope this will be a very background portion of a game rather than something in the foreground so I think lyrics are out of the question.

2007-09-10, 05:19 AM
I only use music for really climactic encounters. I usually get BGMs from existing video games, such as Neverwinter Nights 2. I also got a few from Super Robot Wars that make good BBEG themes. I've also cut and spliced a few Rhapsody of Fire songs to produce "boss" themes.

2007-09-10, 09:55 AM
Music is a great idea, but with only 40 minutes it's gonna get repetitive. I'd suggest you get more.