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2018-07-09, 11:59 AM
I hated the Rage Mage so I decided to make one that I found palatable (making something I hated the idea of eventually inspired The Artist which in turn inspired one of my favorite illustrations, so we'll see if lightning strikes twice).

Rage Mage

The Rage Mage is a Barbarian that acquires an ability to call upon arcane powers. As their Rage builds they can expel these energies in the manner not unlike sorcerers raining elemental woe, willing enemies to death, or altering the field of battle. Magic infuses their bodies and their weapons when they enter a rage, eventually they become so suffused that their bodies crackle with a deadly arcane power that destroys any that dare touch them.

Eldritch Insights
You gain proficiency in the Arcana skill. If you are already proficient, you can double your proficiency bonus if you donít already benefit from such an increase.

Spellcasting and Spells known
Beginning at level 3 after choosing this Path, you learn the Eldritch Blast Cantrip and one other from the Rage Mage list. Charisma is your Spellcasting Ability for your spells. You learn two 1st level spells from the Rage Mage list. You learn 1 additional spell at each odd level thereafter.

Each time you level you can swap out a spell you know for a new spell of any level you can cast. You gain access to higher level spells at 7th, 11th, 15th, and 19th level.

Arcane Rage
Beginning when you select this Path at 3rd level your rage draws in ambient arcane energies to suffuse your body that generate a shimmering aura that grants you Resistance to Force and Psychic damage and makes your attacks magical. The aura illuminates like a torch but you can suppress this light at will. Your Rage also coalesces into Eldritch Might as you suffer or inflict injury.

You acquire a point of Eldritch Might at the start of each of your turns while raging. You acquire 1 point of Eldritch Might the first time you deal damage or are damaged before the beginning of your next turn.

While raging you can spend Eldritch Might to cast spells you know from the Rage Mage list. You do not require material or Somatic components to cast these spells. If a spell has an increased effect when cast with a higher level slot, you can generate that effect by spending the corresponding amount of Eldritch Might. If the spell has a duration longer than instant, it ends when your Rage ends. Each time a spell you cast while raging deals damage you add your Rage Bonus to the damage.

Spell level/Eldritch Might Cost






A Taste for Magic
At 6th level and beyond you become attuned to magical energies in a way few others are and can cast Detect Magic at will. Additionally you can attempt to consume a spell as its being cast or an ongoing effect.

You must be a target of the spell or within 5 ft of an ongoing effect. As a reaction, make a Constitution saving throw against the spellís save DC. On a success the spell has no effect, an ongoing effect is affected as Dispel Magic or Remove Curse as appropriate. In either case you gain an amount of Eldritch Might equal to the level of the slot used to cast it. If you are not raging when you use this feature you can enter a rage as part of the reaction. You must complete a short rest before using this feature again.

Eldritch Fury-
At level 10 you can spend 1 point of Eldritch Might to cast Eldritch Blast as a bonus action, you must complete a short rest before using this feature again.
While Raging you now gain 2 points of Eldritch Might the first time you deal or suffer damage before the beginning of your next turn.

Eldritch Immolation
At 14th level the aura of power that imbues your strikes with arcane might reacts to the lightest touch. Creatures that hit you with melee attacks while within 5 feet suffer 1d10 Force damage. Creatures grappling you take this damage at the start of their turn but no more than once per turn. As a reaction you may spend Eldritch Might to increase that damage by 1d10 per point to a limit of 5d10.

Spell List
Poison Spray
Acid Splash
Chill Touch
Dancing Lights

1st Level
Color Spray
Burning Hands
Magic Missile
Ray of Sickness
Arms of Hadar
Zephyr Strike

2nd Level
Enhance Ability
Flame Blade
Hold Person
Alter Self
Shadow Blade
Misty Step
Phantasmal Force
Scorching Ray
Melf's Acid Arrow

3rd Level
Protection from Energy
Lightning Bolt
Stinking Cloud
Vampiric Touch

4th Level
Freedom of Movement
Wall of Fire
Greater Invisibility
Ice Storm

5th Level
Wall of Stone
Cone of Cold
Hold Monster
Bigby's Hand
Steel Wind Strike