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2018-07-19, 01:15 PM
Inspired by movies such as The Matrix, Equilibrium and Kingsman I've wanted to play a marital artist who mixes in firearms with their melee attacks for a while. I've taken a look through all the Pathfinder material but haven't found anything which fully facilitates this so had a crack at homebrewing something up myself; I present the...

Gun Fu Monk
Unchained Monk Archetype
A gun fu monk is not just a master of martial arts, but also a talented marksman.

Weapon and Armour Proficiency
In addition to their standard proficiencies, gun fu monks are also proficient with all firearms.

Gun Kata
At first level, a gun fu monk can perform a gun kata as a full-attack action. When using a gun kata, the monk makes a full attack using their unarmed strike. In addition, they can make one additional attack at their full base attack bonus with a held firearm. This additional attack stacks with the bonus attacks from haste and other similar effects. Attacks with a firearm made during a gun kata do not provoke attacks of opportunity.
At 11th level, a gun fu monk can make an additional attack at his highest base attack bonus with a firearm when he performs a gun kata. This stacks with the first attack from this ability and additional attacks from haste and similar effects.
This ability replaces flurry of blows.

Bonus feats
The gun fu monk chooses their bonus feats from the following list: Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Dodge, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Snapshot and Rapid Reload.
At 6th level the following feats are added to the list: Improved Snapshot, Improved Precise Shot, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Trip and Mobility.
At 10th level the following feats are added to the list: Circuitous Shot, Improved Critical, Snatch Arrows, Spring Attack and Shot on the Run

At 1st level, a gun fu monk gains one of the following firearms of their choice: blunderbuss, musket, or pistol. Their starting weapon is battered, and only they know how to use it properly. All other creatures treat their gun as if it had the broken condition. If the weapon already has the broken condition, it does not work at all for anyone else trying to use it. This starting weapon can only be sold for scrap (itís worth 4d10 gp when sold). The gun fu monk also gains Gunsmithing as a bonus feat.
This ability replaces stunning fist.

Reliable Shot
At 3rd level a gun fu monk gains the ability to spend 1 point from their ki pool as a swift action to reroll an attack with a firearm that would have misfired.
This ability replaces a monkís ability to spend a point from their ki pool to gain an additional unarmed strike.

Defensive Reloading
At 4th level a gun fu monk can reload a firearm without provoking attacks of opportunity.
This ability replaces still mind.

Gun Training
Starting at 5th level, a gun fu monk can select one specific type of firearm (such as an axe musket, blunderbuss, musket, or pistol). They gain a bonus equal to their Dexterity modifier on damage rolls when firing that type of firearm. Furthermore, when they misfire with that type of firearm, the misfire value of that firearm increases by 2 instead of 4.
This ability replaces purity of body and the style strike gained at 5th level. A gun fu monk learns their first type of style strike at 9th level and learns additional style strikes every four levels thereafter. They never gain the ability to make more than one style strike in a round.

Bullet Deflection
Starting at 13th level, a gun fu monk gains the ability to shoot a projectile out of the air. As an immediate action in response to an enemy making a ranged attack targeting the gun fu monk or an ally within the first range increment of their weapon the gun fu monk can make an attack with a firearm to deflect the bullet. Compare the results of the attack rolls and if the gun fu monkís is higher then the attack misses its target. Unusually massive ranged weapons (such as boulders or ballista bolts) and ranged attacks generated by natural attacks or spell effects cannot be deflected.
This ability replaces tongue of the sun and moon

2018-08-07, 12:29 PM
I really like this. I think you handled "monk with guns" quite well.
I enjoy that the flurry replacement is still a primarily melee tool.
Technically, however, style strikes won't work at all. I'd probably add a rider to the gun kata ability that it counts as flurry of blows for feats and class features or something.
Nice job!